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Nishant Kumar

Welcome to Spoken -- a podcast that will hopefully make you smile, laugh, and even cry. Where you'll experience love, friendship, fear, sadness, laughter, and emotions that are ineffable. This series is a collection of my writing which I am narrating in spoken word. Catch me on IG at @nish9393, @theineffablediaries, or drop me an email at nishant93@gmail.com. Thank you for tuning in to Spoken!
Word Spoken

Word Spoken

Henry Beckwith

Spoken word artists have their own unique combination of lyricism, storytelling and performance. In each episode you'll hear 3 performances alongside an interview, a free write challenge and more. From the comedic and entertaining to the passionate and purposeful, poetry is healing for both the writer and the listener.
Welcome to Spoken Word Poetry Podcast. Listen in as Poet and Artist, Ariana R Cherry features words written from her heart and performed from her soul. Every week, you will hear original poetry spoken through performance art and story-telling. Listen weekly on Anchor, Spotify, Apple iTunes and iHeart Radio. Truth, stories and poetry – exactly what the soul needs.Learn more about poet, Ariana R Cherry at: https://arianarcherry.wordpress.comFollow us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/Sp ...
Our Podcast is about Life and Love and Purpose to the Human race led by our Heavenly Creator allowing his creation to express themselves in a civilized and humble manner touch on topics based on the Bible,Perception,Obstacles,Relationships .etc..... So I hope all the listeners can enjoy and contribute to some Shalom(Peaceful conversations )
Welcome to Tony Sam's Word of the Day Podcast! You may think you know what words mean, but YOU DON'T! Lucky for you, Tony Sam DOES. Tony Sam graduated magna cum laude from the Harvard School of Law and has been fascinated with the evolution of the English language as far back as he can remember. Currently serving as a Judge in the 23rd Circuit Court of Illinois, he finds time to learn more about words whenever he’s not walking his prized Labrador, Marshall. His other accolades include gradua ...
The Word Wide World Radio Network (W.W.R.N) hosts several awesome online radio programs on poetry and writing, which feature interviews with authors, reviews of new and forthcoming books, discussions on the process and craft of writing, publication, new media and much, much more! The following shows are part of The Moe Green Poetry Discussion (hosted by Rafael Alvarado, Melissa F Alvarado, Brett Candace and Tracy Darling), The Nebraska Girl Lit Hour ( hosted By Melissa F. Alvarado )The Blood ...
I’ve learned that words are wonderful when used in a correct way. They can encourage, edify and give confidence to the hearer. A right word spoken at the right time can actually be life-changing…’ Thats why I started a podcast so I could have conversations with individuals who inspire. I believe if you listen to the podcast you will be inspired as well Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/whataword/support
Live and prerecorded poetry, some with musical accompaniment, some reading their work from the page, in their own voice. Some commentary on the state of poetry now or then or in the future. Sometimes provocative, sometimes lyrical, always thought provoking. High-minded entertainment for ears that appreciate the English language. Art ~ made of words, spoken by humans, not computer generated. Enjoy guilty pleasures, serve one another.
Parlando - Where Music and Words Meet

Parlando - Where Music and Words Meet

Parlando featuring Frank Hudson and Dave Moore, poets and musicians

Poetry has been defined as “words that want to break into song.” Musicians who make music seek to “say something”. Parlando will put spoken words (often, but not always, poetry) and music (different kinds, limited only by the abilities of the performing participants) together. The resulting performances will be short, 2 to 10 minutes in length. The podcast will present them un-adorned. How much variety can we find in this combination? Listen to a few episodes and see. At least at first, the ...
The official podcast for Alternative Tentacles Records and Jello Biafra. As one of the most legendary independent labels in the world, Alternative Tentacles remains a vital and abundant source of punk rock, hardcore, spoken word artistry and a wealth of other genres. Founded in 1979 by then-Dead Kennedys frontman and outspoken provocateur Jello Biafra, A.T. has never shied away from embracing both the radical and the experimental, serving to expand the world’s idea of what constitutes punk.
The Strange Recital

The Strange Recital

Tom Newton and Brent Robison

The Strange Recital is an audio forum for short fiction. We delight in perceptions of reality that twist and fold in unexpected ways. Each podcast episode runs about 25 minutes and includes a story reading (the Recital), a musical interlude, and an author interview (the Post-Recital)... with a twist. Subscribe to get a new episode twice a month.
Headstand is a music and spoken word show broadcast on Cambridge's community radio station Cambridge 105. The show airs on 105 FM in Cambridge every other Sunday from 9-10pm and programmes are available via this podcast shortly after. Anyone interested in getting involved in the show or community radio in Cambridge is welcome to get in touch.


André W.Y.Z.E.

This podcast is meant to empower people who desire a positive change in their lives. Through poetry, reflections, and conversations I explore what can help us become the best version of ourselves. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wwfadm/support
I am Indi is an innovative force in the Music Industry, that derives the vibes and insight to rise, from the experienced, artistic creators of the Music world, by informing, advising, mentoring, and just plain networking with any new talent R&B, Jazz, Country, Hip Hop,Rock or Spoken Word. Our Radio show, 14 years running, captivates audiences all over the world. Please tune in on Wednesdays, 2:00 pst, because at I Am Indi, You Are Indi, which means We are Indi. So lets talk about talking today.
An UPstander is someone who sees something and takes a stand. Here we will explore issues relating to social justice. Some posts will be motivational, some educational. Some times I may drop a rhyme or poem! The goal is to share stories and opinions that help us build a human family. Share your thoughts and share with others!
===== "Words of Life", "Good News", "Gospel Songs" - The Major Language Spoken in West Sahara / "اللغة الرئيسية المستخدمة في الصحراء الغربية - "كلمات الحياة" ، "الأخبار السارة" ، "ترانيم الإنجيل ========
======== Major Languages Spoken in Syria / Zimanên sereke yên li Sûriyê têne axaftin / اللغات الرئيسية المستخدمة في سوريا ========
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Although the time period before the legalization of Christianity has not left us much, what remains to this day helps us learn something about the preaching task. Join us as we discuss the use of manuscripts, the place of rhetoric, and the challenge of allegory in sermons. Host: Rev. Zelwyn Heide Guest: Rev. David Appold Episode: 149 Find articles …
Our guest this week is multi-disciplinary artist, Sasha Čuha, talking about his new projects, a podcast exploring the visibility of mental health within the arts scene, and a spoken word album of gothic horror stories.To listen to episodes of The Candle Melbourne podcast, go to www.thecandlemelbourne.com. ** Please note that this episode contains c…
When is it okay for Christians to “Hit the Bar?” Amy and Michelle interview two people who love the Lord, and they – unfortunately – need to hit the bar more often than they’d like! It’s not about drinking — it’s about discerning truth from error. We’re talking about Steve Kozar and his wife Paulette, […]…
An odd short Robert Frost poem in which love and connection and then freedom and free thought are presented in opposition and contrast. I perform it in weird-folk Parlando Project style. For more about this and other combinations of various words and original music visit frankhudson.orgبقلم Frank Hudson for the Parlando Project
Orla Ní Dhúill reads her poem Watch it Burn in this episode of Words Lightly Spoken, a podcast of poetry from Ireland. Orla is a contributor to the Empty House anthology published by Doire Press. The Words Lightly Spoken podcast is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland and is a Rockfinch production.بقلم Words Lightly Spoken
Mariam Atash is an attorney with experience in the business, government relations, media and nonprofit sectors. She serves on the United States Institute of Peace Gender and Law Working Group. She has also been an adjunct professor of law at The University of La Verne School of Law. Mariam was a senior advisor to the Commercial & Trade Counsel at t…
I am Indi is an innovative force in the Music Industry, that derives the vibes and insight to rise, from the experienced, artistic creators of the Music world, by informing, advising, mentoring, and just plain networking with any new talent R&B, Jazz, Country, Hip Hop,Rock or Spoken Word. Our Radio show, 14 years running, captivates audiences all o…
This episode is a test run. We are preparing you as well as preparing ourselves for what's to come. It's not the best we can do for we are still learning, so listen and give us feedback in the message section. I promised to add the handles in the description😊.. @handy_xoxo and @ki_bbie. Do well to follow for updates. We love you ❤💡…
Resources Mentioned https://www.griefshare.org Carol Addison Lewis has established a strong presence in the world of business, music and ministry, in the United States, and around the world. Her career began in Trinidad and Tobago where, as an R&B singer, her music quickly climbed the charts of the airways and television. She was a household name. …
I sat down again with Julie Wright and Kidd of "Let's Talk Live!" to talk about the steps you need to take to overcome a bad breakup. Please share with anyone whom you think it will help! STAY CONNECTED: Instagram | http://www.instagram.com/omekongo Twitter | http://www.twitter.com/omekongo Facebook | http://www.facebook.com/omekongo Website | http…
"Howling and half-naked in his torn and bloody clothing Fargo is a desperate man and dangerous to himself and others. He ricochets around his kitchen, heaving furniture into the street." What does a man do when he reaches the very limit of himself? Can there ever be a way back? New York City or the world, livin' ain't easy.…
Patrick Cotter reads his poem The Discoveries of Thomas Fynch in this episode of Words Lightly Spoken, a podcast of poetry from Ireland. The poem is from his collection Sonic White Poise, published by Dedalus Press. The Words Lightly Spoken podcast is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland and is a Rockfinch production.…
Sean Carnage is a big fan of rock, noise concerts, art, gay stuff and technology. In fact, over the past 40 plus years he has been either a promoter, writer, publisher, filmmaker, archivist and all around enthusiastic participant of all of the above. In the 1990s in Cleveland Ohio Sean teamed up with his friend Brenda Mullen and published U.S. Rock…
Join us for the life and work of Alfred Rehwinkel (1887-1979), author of The Flood and numerous other political and theological works, pioneer missionary, college president, seminary professor, and representative of a different America. Whether your interest is creation science, missions, how we got into and out of both world wars, or how birth con…
This is the second part of a two part series on Old English wisdom poetry. Translator and commentator Bob DiNapoli discusses his new book, Reading Old English Wisdom, the Fetters in the Frost. This poetry is the work of ancient English pagan poets which was fortuitously preserved by monasteries more than a thousand years ago.Interviewed by Di Couse…
I am Indi is an innovative force in the Music Industry, that derives the vibes and insight to rise, from the experienced, artistic creators of the Music world, by informing, advising, mentoring, and just plain networking with any new talent R&B, Jazz, Country, Hip Hop,Rock or Spoken Word. Our Radio show, 14 years running, captivates audiences all o…
[3]. "Via Dolorosa"(Painful Path) - English Arabic Version.3gp
"There is a Longing in Our Hearts for You, O! Lord".3gp
Arabic Algerian - "The Rich Fool".mp3
French Africa - "Words of Life & Gospel Songs".3gp / 3gp."فرانسيس افريقيا - "كلمات الحياة وأناشيد الإنجيل"
French Africa - "Jesus: Teacher & Healer".3gp / 3gp."أفريقيا الفرنسية - "يسوع: المعلم والمعالج
French Africa - "Jesus: Lord & Saviour".3gp / 3gp."فرانسيس افريقيا - "يسوع: رب ومخلص
"I believe in you my God" - French Hymn - Ensemble Vocal l'Alliance.3gp / 3gp.ترنيمة فرنسية - سويا تحالف صوتي - "أنا أؤمن بك يا إلهي"
Best French African Gospel Song - "Come".3gp / 3gp."أفضل أغنية إنجيلية أفريقية فرنسية - "تعال
French Gospel Song - "I Think of Jesus".3gp / 3gp."أغنية الإنجيل الفرنسي - "أفكر في يسوع
[8]. French Africa - "God Made Us All".mp3 / mp3."أفريقيا الفرنسية - "الله جعلنا كلنا
Spanish - "Mighty men of God" .3gp / 3gp."اسبانيول - "الجبار رجال الله
Spanish - "Words of Life & Gospel Songs".3gp / 3gp."الإسبانية - "كلمات الحياة وأناشيد الإنجيل
Spanish - "Good News".3gp / 3gp."الإسبانية - "أخبار جيدة
Spanish Castellano - "The Two Roads".mp3 / mp3."كاستيلانو الإسبانية - "الطريقان
Spanish Hymn - Heal me Lord with your Spirit - Father Mario Peralta.3gp / 3gp."ترنيمة اسبانية - "اشفيني يا رب بروحك
Spanish Hymn - "Let's thank the Lord".3gp / 3gp."ترنيمة إسبانية - "لنشكر الرب
[7]. "Via Dolorosa"(Painful Path) - English and Spanish.3gp
Tachelheit: Demnate(تشلحيت) - "Words of Life".3gp
Tachelheit Demnate - "You Must Be Born Again".mp3
Tachelheit(تشلحيت) - "Words of Life".3gp
[6]. Tachelheit - "The Two Roads".mp3
Tachelheit(تشلحيت) - "Good News".3gp
In this lesson you'll learn the following phrases: What do you need? / I need a taxi. / Do you need anything? / No, I don't need anything. / I need some time to think. / He needs help. / They need flowers for a wedding. / I needed this. / As far as I know / As far as I know, he doesn't need any help.…
Tamazight, Central Atlas language - "Words of Life No.2".3gp
Tamazight, Central Atlas Language -"Words of Life No.1".3gp
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