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Tokyo Wave

Tokyo Wave

Aaron Randall & Parker Allen

Weekly updates from Japan with Aaron & Parker, two Americans with a passion for telling you what's going on right now on the ground in Tokyo, straight from our studio in Harajuku. Join us in segments featuring this week's top news, political happenings, business, and absolutely random garbage. Also, there's a rad synth intro.
(Japanese below) We share bilingual weekly messages on Wednesdays and Sundays with love and humor, so that people can live the word in their daily lives and to be encouraged as a growing Christian. 毎週水曜日と日曜日にバイリンガルで、愛に溢れたユーモアある力強いメッセージを配信中!聖書の言葉を分かりやすく教え、日々の生活に適用できるように励まし、クリスチャンとして成長できるよう手助けになれば嬉しいです。 【Social Media】 Website: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: LINE:
Uno sguardo sulle serie animate, la musica e la cultura giapponesi: Tokyo Eyes. Di e con Alessandro “Ironic74” di Ogni settimana presentiamo su RadioAnimati un nuovo titolo dal magico paese del Sol Levante, scegliendo fra quelli di maggiore attualità in base a palinsesti, pubblicazioni e successo, tanto giapponesi quanto italiani.
国内外59局ネットでお届けする、インディーズメインの音楽バラエティ!全編ダウンロード配信中!日本全国から選りすぐったインディーズアーティストをDJ Nobby自らブッキング。アーティストの本質に迫るトークと、「ファン目線」で選ぶ音楽で聴く人を魅了する60分。
「日本を元気に!」を合言葉に、毎週各界の著名人をゲストに招いて、日本のこれからを語っていく、番組を聴いた人が、思わず元気になるようなプログラムです。 さらに、JAPAN MOVE UP PROJECTとして、「TOKYO HEADLINE」や「JAPAN MOVE UP!from OKAYAMA」のフリー・ペーパーやWEBサイトとも連動していきます。
兩位「任性」的台灣女子生活在東京,做著自己想做.喜歡的工作,特徵是有著魔性的笑聲外加不屈不撓的精神,這就是「我們」!人生沒有標準答案,誤打誤撞不務正業也是「我們」! 歡迎到下列的FB跟IG發現我們的任意分享日記! FB IG Powered by Firstory Hosting
The Japan Business Mastery Show aims to draw back the velvet curtain on what is rerally going on with doing business in Japan. Everything is so different here it can be confusing. This show will take you through all those minefields and position you for success in this market.
THE Presentations Japan Series is powered by with great content from the accumulated wisdom of 100 plus years of Dale Carnegie Training. The show is hosted in Tokyo by Dr. Greg Story, President of Dale Carnegie Training Japan and is for those highly motivated students of presentations, who want to be the best in their business field.
Japan's Top Business Interviews is the premier business interview podcast for people who want to know more about business in japan. The guests cover a range of industries and organisation sizes, to present a thorough overview of issues with leading in Japan. If you are a leader, especialy someone leading in Japan, then this is the podcast for you.
THE Sales Japan Series is powered by with great content from the accumulated wisdom of 100 plus years of Dale Carnegie Training. The show is hosted in Tokyo by Dr. Greg Story, President of Dale Carnegie Training Japan and is for those highly motivated students of sales, who want to be the best in their business field.
THE Leadership Japan Series is powered with great content from the accumulated wisdom of 100 plus years of Dale Carnegie Training. The Series is hosted in Tokyo by Dr. Greg Story, President of Dale Carnegie Training Japan and is for those highly motivated students of leadership, who want to the best in their business field.
Tokyo LoveHotels is an art-event organization based in Tokyo, Japan. We gather local and international talents of all ranges to share a night of art, music, experiences, and love with the community. We support artists by providing space for them to perform, promote, network, sell, and exhibit their work; free of charge and commission. If you are living in, or visiting Tokyo and would like to perform, exhibit, or have a popup at Tokyo LoveHotels, we would love to hear from you! Please contact ...
住在東京山手線附近的Eva跟 CW每天總是會遇到很多破事,好困擾。 每天心累也實在說不出什麼勵志的話語,只想回家藉酒澆愁。 歡迎大家邊聽邊跟我們一起喝酒,一起Kanpai。 破事不分國界,歡迎來信分享破事。 也歡迎抖內我們酒水錢,讓我們酒後吐更多真言。 IG: tokyosumimasen Powered by Firstory Hosting
Tokyo Speaks

Tokyo Speaks

Cliff (Host & Producer)

Formerly known as Raw Urban Mobile Podcast; Tokyo Speaks is a podcast that highlights Tokyo's international community. Cliff chats with featured guests about their careers, passions, and various topics related to life in Japan. Some episodes also include a guest co-host.
Adventure, hidden secrets, cultural discovery, as well as how to get to, and enjoy Japan from near or far. A podcast for everyone. Weekly podcast-exclusive topics, as well as going in-depth on topics covered on the Tokyo Lens YouTube Channel ( !!!WARNING!!! This podcast is a 100% unfiltered, nearly-unedited, rable-a-thon where we get distracted, go off topic, and just enjoy a great time getting lost in thought together! You've been warned (^_-) Welcome to the Tokyo Len ...
陽気なおしゃべりマスター!アメリカ帰りのプロゴルファー・ゴルフ解説者タケ小山がゴルフマネジメントで培った独自の視点で経済・ビジネス分野を中心とする各ジャンルの「ニュースマスター」達とガチンコトーク!ニュースが " 今日使える " ビジネスのヒントに!" 聴く!ニュースビジネス誌 " 「The News Masters TOKYO」で今日の仕事にナイスオン!(月)~(金)AM7:00~9:00 文化放送にて生放送!(AM1134/FM91.6/
ボイス収集隊とは「シンクロのシティ」で東京の街のリアルな声を集めるために 集結した女の子3人組。 毎日エディロール(録音機材)片手に東京中を歩き回り 街の声を文字通り「収集」!そんなボイス収集隊のレギュラー番組が7月から再開!
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(Japanese) このメッセージでは太助牧師が「マリヤから見たクリスマス」について以下の7つのポイントから話します。 1) 救い主が生まれるという素晴らしい知らせ 2) マリヤのいた状況 3) マリヤの返事 4) 俺たちも「YES」と言おう! 5) 神様の大きな計画に「YES」と言おう! 6) 聖書のことばに「YES」と言おう! 7) どうなるかわからなくても、神様を信じて「YES」と言おう!بقلم Lifehouse Tokyo
12月4日のゲストは、国境なき医師団の看護師、白川優子さんです。 タリバンがアフガニスタンの首都カブールを制圧した直後の8月26日から5週間に渡ってアフガニスタン南部に位置するヘルマンド州の州都ラシュカルガで医療活動を行なってきた白川さん。 日本ではあまり詳細な報道がされていないアフガニスタンの現状、白川さんが体感した紛争地域の医療現場の実態を伺い、私たちに何が出来るかを考えます。بقلم ピーター・バラカン/柴田幸子
In this part man get sentenced to death for smuggling Squid Game into North Korea, Ridley Scott back to complaining about teens, Mike Lindell takes yet another L, Octopi and Lobster considered sentient beings by the UK, flesh eating vulture bees are a thing, man hides in landing gear of plane, woman breast feeds cat on plane (different flight), bro…
Mr. Spitzer has extensive experience living and working in Japan. After a business trip to Japan in the early 1990’s he attended the European Union’s Executive Training Program (ETP) which had a heavy focus on Japanese language and management skills. It was through this course he was headhunted to become the President and CEO of Stoll in Japan. Fou…
What are some of Japan's best local matsuri festivals, and will they be held in 2022? Why do people keep getting injured by the rollercoaster at the Fuji-Q Highland amusement park? Aaron and Parker discuss Japan releasing hundreds of thousands of kiloliters of reserve oil, and a Tokyo assembly member who resigned for driving without a license.…
Audiences are so impatient today. Worse still, they have a powerful weapon of escape from us in their hand held devices. They observe the first few minutes of our presentation to decide if they will keep paying attention or whether they will escape to the delights of the internet. How long does it take you on average to form a first impression? My …
We have so many things pulling us in different directions at the same time, we can get a bit overwhelmed by all the work we have to do. How can we get the right focus and make our effort better coordinated? There is a simple method we can use which is very quick and simple. Firstly, we need to take a brief moment and draw a focus map of what we nee…
Tokyo Eyes, la rubrica di radioanimati che parla di anime, manga e Giappone arriva al traguardo delle 200 puntate. Festeggiamo insieme questo importante risultato. Ci avete mandato mei giorni scorsi le vostre richieste audio di canzoni giapponesi tratte da anime, e le ascoltaremo proprio durante la trasmissione per festeggiare il traguardo raggiunt…
In sales, we definitely need a Credibility Statement. Buyers are always worried about buying what they don’t need or paying too much for what they do buy. The subterranean vibe is one of distrust toward salespeople. So we have to work hard to overcome that fundamental doubt. Salespeople without a solid sales process won’t have this valuable persuas…
Reading this headline you might be thinking, “Oh yeah, this guy says he is an expert? Is that really true?”. In this fake news world, that is an entirely reasonable caution. Would the following qualify me: this TEDx talk was my 546th public speech, I am a Master Trainer for Dale Carnegie Training Tokyo Japan and I am a certified High Impact Present…
留言告訴我你對這一集的想法: 這集簡單來說,就是Double S 要來分享 #日本教會了我什麼 ! 雖然不致於到 #文化衝擊 ,但不可否認的是,日本這個國家也的確讓我養成了不少好習慣。 (((看日本人那麼假掰就知道了啊!))) 接著不小心離題(笑),飄到日本 #放育的多樣性 ,大環境給你非常多的選擇,但相對地每一種選擇也都有著基本的門檻。 其實這集還有另一個重點,就是來日本後學會了什麼叫 #生活, 而不只是為日常的柴米油鹽醬醋茶而生存著⋯⋯ 【生活】除了生存的戰鬥外,更應該包括更多【感性的滿足】,來了日本開始會去公園餵小鳥,欣賞路上的小花, 進到選品店會懂得欣…
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