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Listen to the Classic Car show with Tom Cox and Richard Lentinello. If you're into classic cars, then you'll love this show. Every Saturday at 9 am eastern, with your first cup of coffee! Tom Cox Tom Cox has been buying and selling antique cars since before he could drive. A steady diet of Matchbox and Hot wheels cars coupled with an interest in engines of all kinds as a young boy led him on an automotive juggernaut that not only continues to this day but intensifies by the week. Tom has bou ...
Classic Car Club Manhattan, the world's premiere private member auto club, has had the privilege of giving its members the keys to a fleet of hundreds of staggeringly stylish automobiles from the 50's to modern times. Sonic Drives uses binaural audio technology to put listeners in the drivers seat of some of our favorite cars ever made. Sit back, turn it up and go for a spin.
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