Chesed: The Covenant Love of God with Mariah Ballweber Pt. 2


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The love of God for you runs deep, and it is unlike anything this world has to offer! We want to continue down the topic of God’s covenant Love; a Love that isn’t self-serving, but ‘others’ serving. Some of you don’t realize that you are princes and princesses living like paupers. Today we’re going to dive into the story of Ruth and learn even more about this out of this world Love!

Let’s get into the conversation and learn more about the kind of Chesed - love that restores all things to all people.‌

[00:01‌ ‌-‌ 05:31]‌ ‌Opening‌ ‌Segment‌

  • Welcome back; with Mariah Ballweber
  • God’s Deeper love
  • Recap of our last episode
  • Chesed, covenant love
  • Jonathan’s son
  • Someone to pour this love out for
  • Mephibosheth’s encounter with David

[05:32 ‌-‌ 12:34]‌ ‌ I’m Clinging to You

  • God, our King, shares His covenant Love with us
  • Realizing what belongs to you
  • Choosing to live as a pauper when you are an heir
  • Beginning down the story of Ruth
  • Naomi’s story
  • The family dynamic
  • Her experience
  • Ruth 1:14
  • I am clinging to you and will not go anywhere

[12:35 ‌-‌ 21:02]‌ ‌‌The Kind of Love that Resurrects People

  • Ruth walked in covenant love without even knowing God
  • Till death due us part
  • Staying through Naomi’s silence
  • The result of Ruth’s love
  • All is restored
  • God’s plan brought through fruition
  • Naomi and Ruth’s relationship
  • This love is good but not comfortable
  • I will never leave you
  • Commitment outside our comprehension
  • Jesus loves you like this
  • Jesus chose you to be in this covenant with Him
  • The example of John

[21:03 ‌-‌ 27:33]‌ ‌Closing‌ ‌Segment‌

  • The kind of Love we crave
  • The love that passes all circumstances
  • This is how we were designed
  • The kind of love that brings miracles
  • A word to those who are struggling
  • You crave this love
  • Everything God has for you
  • You are called and you have access
  • A prayer for you today
  • There is a place at the table you
  • You are seen and He delights in you
  • You are forgiven, just receive it
  • Take the keys and access
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  • Final‌ ‌words‌ ‌‌

Tweetable‌ ‌Quotes:‌ ‌‌

“A lot of people I’ve met in church have heard this, but they never believed it… and so they don’t know what is theirs. They go to church every Sunday, but they don’t know what belongs to them.” - Sandy James

“Never judge somebody on their worst moment.” - Sandy James

“Jesus loves you… Jesus, the Lord of Glory who is real and alive and living in the earth today, chose you to be in this kind of covenant with Him.” - Sandy James

Resources‌ ‌Mentioned:‌ ‌ ‌

  • 1 Samuel 18:1-4
  • 2 Samuel 9
  • Ruth 1

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