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Hope English has you covered, with an all new program "NG English". Every week, new guests will join in to talk about the embarrassing and sometimes hilarious English mistakes they've seen and heard. Get ready to chat in English with ease, by tuning in to "NG English"!
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这期我请到了zuzu和时计,来跟我聊聊我们对于自己人生中的生育的观点。这期是上,可能会有中和下!这期我们讲到了生育可能带来的对于自我探索的影响,对于自我空间消失的担心。child care有哪些可能性,childcare到底有多贵又能照顾到小孩多少时间。小朋友跟家长的能量能match到吗。如果没有match到,和小朋友一起探索世界也是一种可能性。对于跟我们有二三十岁代沟的小朋友,到底应该怎么面对。بقلم Ying
这期我邀请到了柴柴和猫猫,跟我聊最近大家都喜爱的电影:妈的多重宇宙, everything everywhere all at once。我们讨论了让人印象深刻的打斗场景,小家庭里一家三口对待世界的方式,母亲与女儿作为正反派,怎么理解母亲对女儿放手又拉回来等等。 电影的简介:When an interdimensional rupture unravels reality, an unlikely hero must channel her newfound powers to fight bizarre and bewildering dangers from the multiverse as the fate of the world hangs in the balance. 剧情讲…
Heads up: this episode is an interview in Mandarin with my friend, Simona. She is a Data Analyst now living in Singapore after studying and working in the U.S for many years. We talked about how certain policies impacted her as a child, how a random encounter in college started a healing journey for her; how sharing what she truly wants to explore …
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