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South Pacific Muscle is all about bodybuilding, training and gym culture in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Keep up to date with news, events and discussions about all things bodybuilding in NZ and the wider South Pacific. Get to know local professional bodybuilders and strength athletes as well as helpful training and nutrition advice.
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The boys are joined by New Zealand Bodybuilding legend Mike Kingsnorth to embarrass him with his own signature t-shirt and talk about some off season training tips. Remember to check out @southpacificmuscle on Instagram for the merch drop and to follow local bodybuilding.بقلم South Pacific Muscle
South Pacific Muscle catch up with IFBB Bikini competitor Jess Greene and find out how she's feeling 8 days out from the NZIFBB Bikini Pro Qualifier! Great chat about performance, setting goals and ticking all the boxes, whether that applies to your bodybuilding goals or other things in your world. Really inspired after this one!!…
Nate's rant about Training Mentality - captures some thoughts at the time about why such a small percentage of trainers look like they lift. Nothing negative, just some insights into how Nate has stepped it up a level in the gym to progress his physique so rapidly.بقلم South Pacific Muscle
South Pacific Muscle talk with Australian bodybuilding legend Sammy Ioannidis. We discuss his career, including wins at Mr Universe, competing as an IFBB Pro in the golden era of the 90's with Dorian Yates, Kevin Levrone and Nasser El Sombaty. We also get the story behind Sammy's time with Reg Park!بقلم South Pacific Muscle
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