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Some great stories from a future Canadian Football Hall of Famer. Nik also tells a great story about getting into an accident in the players parking lot at McMahon stadium. Find out which teammates got their cars dinged. See for privacy information.بقلم CHQR / Curiouscast
Did Jay really eat a 56 ounce piece of prime rib? Which Stampeders player talked a big game but couldn't hold it down? It's our Friday night show about nothing:-) See for privacy information.بقلم CHQR / Curiouscast
Great news for our aquatic high performance athletes like swimmers, divers, artistic swimmers and water polo players! Your training center will be open in a couple of weeks. See for privacy information.بقلم CHQR / Curiouscast
3 weeks ago, Kyle was on Sportstalk with a passionate please to the Dr. Hinshaw and the Alberta Government. His message got through as sport, fitness and recreation is no longer lumped in with concerts, festivals, nightclubs and major sporting events. See for privacy information.…
It's another edition of our Covid show about nothing! We just have fun and tell some stories. The NLL season is officially over so we decided to have a member of the Roughnecks coaching staff on as a special guest. See for privacy information.بقلم CHQR / Curiouscast
Sport, recreation and fitness is not happy with being classified with Nightclubs, Festivals and major sporting events. Last night, Dr. Deena Hinshaw had a town hall with sport partners from across the province and Mark was on the call. See for privacy information.بقلم CHQR / Curiouscast
Has Alberta Health and our provincial government made a mistake is placing sport, recreation and fitness in Stage 3 of reopening with night clubs, festivals, concerts and sporting events? The easy answer is yes! I find it crazy that we can share a scooter in Calgary but our kids can share a soccer ball, basketball or tennis ball. See…
This show is not about sports, we have fun and tell embarrassing stories about ourselves. Tonight you will get to meet our moms and find out what our pet nicknames were as youngsters. Then we hook up with Bob Paley, the director of golf at K-country golf and he shares some great stories about the G8 summit that took over the valley in 2002. See omn…
He is from Nova Scotia, he played division one NCAA in Southeastern Louisiana and now he's a member of the Calgary Stampeders as the Stamps trade with the BC Lions to move down to pick 3rd overall. See for privacy information.بقلم CHQR / Curiouscast
His real name is Ronald Shawn Pfeffer, he has a brother who's name is Shawn Ronald Pfeffer. He will celebrate his wedding anniversary once every four years and his nickname in Toronto was "Hollywood" We cover all the bases with the man who is going to replace Rob Maver. See for privacy information.…
He was having an MVP season in 2018 and then he blew out his knee in the 2019 Labour Day game. Although he did play in the 2019 West Final, KJ was not 100% ready mentally. If there is a 2020 CFL season, KJ says he is more than ready and prepared. See for privacy information.بقلم CHQR / Curiouscast
We start with a little heavy Covid 19 talk but then break into some great football topics like rule changes, the XFL and the NFL draft. Who is going to be the number one pick in the NFL draft, Dave shares his opinion. See for privacy information.بقلم CHQR / Curiouscast
Stamps head coach Dave Dickenson hinted that he could be losing two coaches on the defensive side of the ball. He will finalize his coaching staff soon. We start the conversation chatting about the NFL's all time TD passing leader. See for privacy information.بقلم CHQR / Curiouscast
Calgary Stampeders head coach Dave Dickenson joins Jock for the final time this season after a disappointing loss to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the Western Division semifinal. The coach joins the show for Tom's House of Pizza. See for privacy information.بقلم CHQR / Curiouscast
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