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Get great tips and ideas for planning for a successful financial future. Listen in while Estate Plan Counselor Paul Snamiska sits down with different professionals to give you exclusive insight for creating wills and trusts, or ways to invest that will benefit you and charities you are passionate about through IRA distributions, QCD's, endowment funds, and donor-advised funds.
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Most of us like to avoid taxes as much as possible. We also want to enjoy life, care for loved ones, and support the causes that are special to us. The growth of investments allows us to do much of that, except the part about taxes. The best way to manage some of your tax burdens is to include steps that offer tax deductions. The most obvious deduc…
How does the Mission Advancement Team work with current gifts compared to deferred gifts? Although current gifts and deferred gifts are quite different, Wendy and Paul work very closely and cooperatively in their roles. Each of them has their primary area, but both work for the overall benefit of KML and listen to our donors to help them make a gif…
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حقوق الطبع والنشر 2022 | خريطة الموقع | سياسة الخصوصية | شروط الخدمة
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