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Tonight, Los Borrachos take over the airwaves as Chris & Scott do a live watch along to the latest episode of AEW Dynamite. The main event is a rematch between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy, as well as a TNT Title match with Cody and Scorpio Sky. Enjoy!بقلم Abel Morales, Chris Villarreal
Tonight is all about the first night in the Wednesday night war between AEW and WWE NXT. Which was the better show? Which is appointment viewing? Was there a match of the year candidate this week? Plus, the one two combo of Smackdown's 20th anniversary on FOX and Hell in a Cell. (Bullet for my Valentine - 'Your Betrayal'/Metallica - 'No Leaf Clover…
Did you know that AEW's All Out, NJPW's Royal Quest, and NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff are all happening on the same day?? Well Chris & Abel try their best to cover it all, as well as mention a few headlines that happened within the past few weeks. (Fozzy - Shepherd of Fire)بقلم Abel Morales, Chris Villarreal
After a long week of wrestling, Arnold returns by requesting we record an unscheduled episode. So you can either thank him, or blame him. We talk about the climax of NJPW's G1 tournament, break down NXT Takeover: Toronto Deux, all the goings on of WWE Summerslam, and a few things that happened since. Hope you enjoy this episode. Whoop whoop. (Okill…
Welp, it's another WWE pay per view event this weekend. But before we break down what's goin down this Sunday, we have to talk about their last event overseas. Aaand... other stuff too. (Queens of the Stone age - 'You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire')بقلم Abel Morales, Chris Villarreal
Raw And SmackDown trade stars between themselves, pluck a few from NXT, and the end of The Shield is finally here. All the fallout from the Superstar Shakeup, plus a shakeup within HWR on today's episode. (A_Rival - 'Main Theme from Street Fighter X Mega Man/Guile's Stage')بقلم Abel Morales, Chris Villarreal
NXT Takeover: 'New York', ROH & NJPW G1 Supercard, & Wrestlemania 35. We talk about it all here, plus our thoughts on John Oliver's recent 'Last Week Tonight' episode, and maybe even some football... (MegaRan - 'Going to the Garden'/Billie Eilish - 'You Should See Me in a Crown')بقلم Abel Morales, Chris Villarreal
To whom it may concern, Chances are i won't have enough time to edit this year's Wrestlemania Weekend preview episode before my flight to New York City. Regardless, i didn't want to leave you podcasters without anything to tide you over til then. Knowing this, i took some down time (sick time) to compile all the segments that make up 2015's HWR Man…
Abel's back this week, buuut so is Roman Reigns. We also talk week number two of the newest NXT call ups, as well as some New Japan news regarding the tournament to find a number one contender for Jay White's IWGP World Title at G1 Supercard. (Eminem - 'Without Me')بقلم Abel Morales, Chris Villarreal
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