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Email and content marketing are a highly effective form of communication when it comes to B2B companies. With email and content marketing campaigns, you can actually bring in marketing qualified leads. How to setup a successful email campaign? What goes in creating an email strategy that actually works? What are the different types of content you need to be creating to convert leads? Listen to the podcast to get answers to all these questions.
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Learn SEO from experienced professionals. Abhilash Menon is a content marketer and strategist with more than 6 years of experience in working with B2B companies. Listen to the podcast and learn about: Why SEO is necessary for blogging 3 tips to improve SEO in blog posts SEO tools for keyword research…
You have already published loads of content on your website and you have no idea how to incorporate SEO in the content. Here are 5 steps that will help you kickstart your SEO journey regardless of the amount of content published.بقلم Divyarthini
How do you decide which CTA or what kind of CTA in your emails would provide value to your lead? I have put together three different scenarios in the email marketing journey and the relevant CTA for each of the scenario. Listen to the short podcast for quick tips.بقلم Divyarthini
This podcast is a brief introduction on why I am here. Most people don't tell you the specifics of what goes into marketing. Most content online on how to market products or services seems to be superficial. Over the years I have learnt a lot with the trial and error method. And I would like to share the same with marketers, both beginners and expe…
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