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544 Days

544 Days

Gimlet / Crooked Media / A24

For 544 days, Jason Rezaian was held hostage in Iran’s notorious Evin prison. Interrogated. Sealed off from the outside world. He was accused of being an American spy, though his formal title was Washington Post Tehran Correspondent. This is a story about government and family and journalism, and what it took to free an innocent man… all while navigating the high-stakes world of nuclear diplomacy. 544 Days is a Spotify Original podcast, produced by Gimlet, Crooked Media and A24.
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Is it possible to return to “normal” after a traumatic imprisonment? As Jason and Yegi begin to make a new life in the U.S., they each face their own struggles. And they confront the troubling reality that, five years later, Iran and other countries continue taking political hostages. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
After a year and a half in prison, Jason leaves Evin. But that’s just the beginning of a crazy odyssey as Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps tries one last time to scramble the deal to get Jason and Yegi out of Iran. Learn more about your ad choices. Visitبقلم Gimlet / Crooked Media / A24
The clock ticks perilously down towards the day the nuclear deal goes into effect. For Jason, it feels like the door is closing. What he doesn’t know is that his family, the Post, and the Obama administration are increasing the pressure on Iran. Featuring Marty Baron, Brett McGurk, Lisa Monaco, Ben Rhodes and John Kerry. Learn more about your ad ch…
Jason and Mary Rezaian face off against the “Judge of Death” in his Tehran courtroom just as the nuclear negotiations appear to be wrapping up. Will the deal include freeing Jason? If it doesn’t, will he remain stuck in prison forever? Featuring John Kerry, Wendy Sherman, Marty Baron and Carol Morello. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcas…
The public effort to get Jason out gains new life with #FreeJason and some famous supporters, including Muhammad Ali and Anthony Bourdain. Meanwhile, the U.S. government pivots to a secret backchannel to negotiate his release as the true reason for Jason’s imprisonment becomes clear. Featuring interviews with former Secretary of State John Kerry an…
How do you free a hostage without giving the hostage-taker any more leverage? The Washington Post and the Obama administration search for a strategy to bring Jason home. And the whole process is complicated by the high-stakes negotiations over a nuclear deal. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
Jason's brother gets news of the arrest and calls their mom. The Rezaians begin a long journey to figure out what it will take to face down Iran’s leaders, pressure the U.S. government, and free Jason. Learn more about your ad choices. Visitبقلم Gimlet / Crooked Media / A24
Jason and Yegi are each detained in solitary confinement, enduring everything from cruel interrogations to the tedium of vacuuming their own cells. Without any information from the outside, Jason starts to fear that no one is doing anything to free them. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
Everything was going great for Jason Rezaian. He was The Washington Post’s correspondent in Tehran. He had just gotten married. Then, in July of 2014, Jason and his wife were arrested and thrown in an Iranian prison. Learn more about your ad choices. Visitبقلم Gimlet / Crooked Media / A24
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