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The forward march movement is built on a behaviour towards others. It is not guarded by race, wealth or education. Anyone can take up the leadership. I continue to push the doctrine of helping each other as it is a natural commitment that is not bought nor sold...Jelani Danielبقلم Jelani Daniel
I am overly proud and excited to come up in a google search for King of Quotes to come up alongside the Great Martin Luther King no comparison to me that gentleman was cut from a different cloth am just trying to share my quotes to the world that is my dream. www.jelanidaniel.comبقلم Jelani Daniel
In this episode, I discuss my passion to provide support for the hero to get the job done and to think of your character before passing judgment on another person. When painting a bad picture of someone else, paint one of yourself; you will stop painting. Jelani Daniel King of Quotesبقلم Jelani Daniel
In life we have built some many things around our character that after further inspection, they are sand and not solid, why not start today by breaking them down ourselves and preparing the next step one brick at a time. I am breaking down my sand castle to build a brick bungalow. Jelani Daniel King of Quotes…
Your life is too valuable to be using someone else’s manual, manuals are for furniture and putting electronics and goods together to for the journey of your life. You can’t own your life following some else’s manual. Jelani Daniel King of Quotes…
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