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Bryan Grosnick (BP) and R.J. Anderson (CBS Sports) discuss the addition of Mike Fiers and Shawn Kelley to the Oakland Athletics, the Washington Nationals signing of Greg Holland, the Pittsburgh Pirates and Tampa Bay Rays continuing to trade, Johnny Cueto's injury news, and much more!بقلم Bret Sayre
Bryan Grosnick (BP) and R.J. Anderson (CBS Sports) run through the bigger deals of the weekend as we approach the 2018 MLB non-waiver trade deadline. These include Nate Eovaldi going to the Boston Red Sox, Asdrubal Cabrera heading to the Philadelphia Phillies, Eduardo Escobar to the Arizona Diamondbacks, J.A. Happ to the New York Yankees, and much …
Bryan Grosnick (BP) and R.J. Anderson (CBS Sports) makes sense of the Tampa Bay Rays trading Álex Colomé and Denard Span, the DFA of Hanley Ramirez, the mess that is the New York Mets, Phil Hughes finding a new home in San Diego, Ronald Acuña joins a plethora of injured stars, Alex Reyes prepares for his return, and much more!…
Bryan Grosnick (BP) and R.J. Anderson (CBS Sports) address a slate of moves by the Washington Nationals, Jose Bautista's release, the San Diego Padres' infield situation, whether the Pittsburgh Pirates can stay in the NL Central race, and the Willy Adames situation in Tampa.بقلم Bret Sayre
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