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The Whitetail Experience podcast is a solution driven environment for whitetail bowhunters to create solutions leading up to the shot; the moment of truth, the shot; and events after a successful harvest. Our community will focus on techniques to Hunt With Knowledge, and Shoot With Confidence. You can find more articles and videos at www.whitetailexperience.com
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Nancarrow Taxidermy has become a Michigan institution in mounting whitetail deer through their hard earned efforts and relentless passion to re-create real life examples of animals in the wild. Bob takes us through the journey of what you should be looking for in a taxidermist, and the process of getting the perfect mount.…
As a successful Pro Shooter and Marketing Director at True Ball release company, Brandon Reyes is uniquely qualified to help us understand the differences in styles of release aids. In this episode he talks of the pro's and con's of a strap release, thumb release, and back tension release. With 90% of archers using a strap style release, Brandon gi…
Jim Belcher is one of the world's best traditional bow manufacturers of custom recurves and longbows. In this episode Jim explains the differences between a longbow and a recurve bow along with how to best maintain them for optimal shooting performance.بقلم Whitetail Experience
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