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Ashley Elliott shared her story of why she got into so many fights as part of this burgeoning legion of violent middle-school girls. But she and Lauren Garcia (like Ashley, part of the American Federation for Children) talked about how this issue could be resolved via school choice options in Nebraska. , Future Leaders Fellowship Coordinator, Ameri…
Questions lead to answers which lead to more questions for this small Nebraska town. I talked today with a member of the State Patrol about the arrest made, as well as a community member in Laurel who said something very telling about the house of the alleged murderer.بقلم NewsRadio 1110 KFAB (KFAB-AM)
At least, that's the name of a song I took a breathless crack at towards the end of the show. Before that, we talked about the attempt on a Republican's life (most of the media doesn't care about), the Jan. 6th hearings, the "ruralization of drugs," and more.بقلم NewsRadio 1110 KFAB (KFAB-AM)
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