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Garbled Twistory is a podcast that’s primary objective is to humanize history, through humorizing history. It re-tells history in a way that places special emphasis on the most unusual elements and indiscriminately injects F.U.N by the bucketload! The first season’s focus is US History: as told by all of its presidential elections and all of its presidential election candidates! There will be biographical episodes for every presidential candidate, episodes for every election, and episodes fo ...
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The second-to-last Prezzy Wezzy Potential for 1860 just so happens to be a man we've discussed quite thoroughly before, so this will be a REBROADCAST with the NEW INFO at the 21:16 mark! And man, this is quite the spicy update if I don't say so myself!
For this first in-between-election episode, we're diving into a wonderful community where free black people and Irish and German immigrants lived in relative peace and harmony! And how it was destroyed by the elites who weren't into that kind of thing... Become a Patron!
The second-to-last Prezzy Wezzy Candle Date for 1856 is unarguably one of the most influential figures of his day. A groundbreaking frontiersman-and-mass-murderer-and-abolitionist-sympathizer?! Yeah, this guy's a weirdo. Become a Patron!
Yeah, that's right, this man is back again for some reason! And boy has he been through QUITE A LOT! But I guess that's kinda par for the course for accidental presidencies, ain't it? This is a REBROADCAST with the NEW INFO at the 21:25 mark! Become a Patron!
We're really gonna talk about the grandson of one of the VP candle dates from 1804 this week? Yes. Indeed. It's another stop on the Wreck-it-Ralph family tree for this 1856 US election! But this guy's pretending to be humble. I don't know why. We ALL KNOW YOUR FAMILY bro! Become a Patron!
In this Final In-Between-Election Episode covering 1855, the US Military is sneakily trying to do something very, very strange. I genuinely cannot imagine how the USA would look if this decision stuck. It may be a small footnote, but it's the kind of footnote you can't look away from! Become a Patron!…
The second-to-last prezzy wezzy candidate for this US election of 1852 has quite a story. This man has seen significant action in nearly every single international conflict this podcast has encountered so far. He was even there for a buncha domestic flares too! Sometimes, we just get a whole Greek Epic of an episode... This is one of those times! B…
The 1852 US Prezzy Wezzy Bonanza is seriously starting to get as freaky as can be! Especially as one of the last remaining relevant remanents of the founding political generation makes a final appearance on this very dynamic political stage! That said, this will be a big fat REBROADCAST with the NEW INFO starting at the 28:24 mark! Become a Patron!…
We continue our cruise through the prezzy wezzy 1852 candle dates with the story of a mysterious man who literally didn't ask to be thrust into this situation whatsoever. No, I don't pity him, but also, no, I don't understand what he's DOING here! Become a Patron!
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