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The Sony Walkman started the personal electronics revolution with a cassette on your hip. Now we don’t dare leave our house without a smartphone and cars are our largest technology “wearable.” This show keeps you up to date on new tech that you need or may need to stay away from in the digital age.
Join Kel & Lachie as they try and bring you a new perspective on life, love, and the universe. Think of us as a TED Talk, except without the TED. We're going to aim to be as unfiltered as respectively possible, talking freely about whatever comes to mind. No rules. No labels. No limitations. Accompany us when we record new episodes or check out our website for more details:
TASCAM Talkback

TASCAM Talkback

Bruce Wawrzyniak, for TASCAM

From a leader in products for every segment of the sound and music industry comes a podcast for podcasters and streamers. Eagerly immersing itself in this booming audio/streaming/voice realm, the company is delivering this show every other week to speak to beginner, intermediate, and advanced level users. Content ranges from How To, to news, tips, tricks, and hardware and software, including talking to content producers - the very people who do it.
Become a Paid Subscriber: Become a Paid Subscriber: Welcome to Talkback 💋Podcast with Gloria! Gloria a Cleveland Native grew up listening to Radio Theatre as a young teen. My biggest heart desire growing up , was to become a Talk Show host, talking to people from all walks of life. Listening to the stories of writers, artists politicians a
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