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Welcome to the SpecialEffect Podcast! SpecialEffect is a UK based charity which uses video games and technology to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities. Here you'll learn about all the exciting new things the charity has been up to recently, what's on the horizon and how YOU can help make gaming for everyone! @SpecialEffect @GameBlast #GamersCharity
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We speak to Frankie Palmer, one of the charity's Occupational Therapists, about her role at SpecialEffect and her recent London Marathon completion. After the break, Tom takes on a Pokemon challenge to celebrate the release of the Detective Pikachu movie!
In our first full episode of the podcast we speak to Patrick Frost, who did his first ever GameBlast livestream fundraiser in 2018. Pat gives advice for first-timers and answers questions from the Twitch chat while Becky and Mark talk through the resources available on the GameBlast website and how they can help make your first ever GameBlast a bre…
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