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Christer og Halvor er komikere. De liker å diskutere og drøfte påstander. Det betyr ikke at de har greie på noe som helst. Likevel har de laget podkast hvor de diskuterer påstander vi slenger rundt oss og tror holder vann. Men er det egentlig sant?
Spectrum Sanctorum

Spectrum Sanctorum


Spectrum Sanctorum will be the main hub for all future After Shows and feature film reviews for all things #StarTrek #Marvel #DC #SciFI #Fantasy and much more, starting with Captains Quadrant | a recap show of all shows #StarTrek LOOKING FORWARD | where Brandon brings you the latest streaming and movies hitting theaters. The Power of Jay-Skull | your friendly #HEMAN related space and much more coming soon! One Week Later where we review the shows or films we spoke about in looking forward.
The Athletic's David Lombardi, Matt Barrows and former 49ers defensive end Dennis Brown come with a weekly podcast covering the San Francisco 49ers, featuring regular guests and hard-hitting analysis. You can listen to Here's The Catch twice a week at
Hvorfor blir det krig i Ukraina? Hvordan skal verden løse kollektive problemer? Ska bøndene få bedre betalt, og hvorfor sliter rikspolitikere med å forstå reglene for pendlerboliger? Hvis du er interesert i slike spørsmål da er podkasten"Statsvitenskap og sånt" noe for deg! Hver uke diskuterer Harald Borgebund og Sondre Lindahl diskutere politiske spørsmål, temaer, ideer og aktuelle politiske situasjoner. Begge jobber som førsteamanuensis ved Høgskolen i Østfold. Spørsmål, tips, informasjon ...
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Rob "Stats" Guerrera and Michelle Magdziuk debate a good return from Brandon Aiyuk and pick their favorite over/unders for 2023. What's a good return for Brandon Aiyuk (3:20) Are the 49ers too invested in Brock Purdy? (8:10) Michelle's new mayonnaise bet re: Sam Darnold (9:27) QB isn't the spot the 49ers need to stay healthy (15:08) Rob's system fo…
Hoy en Arriba San Luis, con Jesús Aguilar y Eva María Camacho, todas las noticias para estar bien informados. Con nosotros: - Maritza Jenith Vázquez: Bienestar Animal. Directora de Bienestar Animal, en el municipio de SLP. Recatista y activista animal. Licenciada en psicología con maestría en criminología, cursados en la Universidad Tangamanga. Cre…
¡Vive el Evangelio, vive la reflexión! 🏠 Encuentra tu Librería San Pablo más cercana 👉http: // Síguenos en: ❤ Facebook: ❤ Instagram: ❤ Twitter: 🙏 "Tiene Dios poder para colmarlos de toda clase de favores, de modo que, teniendo siempre lo suficiente, les sobre para o…
Have questions about publishing in academic journals? Sheila Chari, Ph.D., editor in chief of Cell Stem Cell, explains the process from pre-submission through publication. Series: "Stem Cell Channel" [Health and Medicine] [Science] [Show ID: 38722]بقلم UCTV: UC San Diego
We're rerunning this episode we did with Isaiah and Dani from Dragonspunk about a year ago for a good reason. These two are spearheading an effort to bring a farmer's market to the new Southeast Community Center in the Bayview. To learn more or get involved, please go to the Dragonspunk site. And enjoy getting to know Dani and Isaiah!…
Hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. are receiving treatment for failing kidneys, livers, hearts, and other organs. Learn about the current strategies and new advances to support, provide organs and solutions to those in need. In this program, Dr. Garrett Roll discusses machine preservation of the liver. Series: "Mini Medical School for the …
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