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One of the most important things you can do after a night of drinking and singing is rehydrate. Join us today as we replenish our bodies with America's greatest sports drink and rank an assortment of 10 flavors from the Gatorade lineup. Which flavors almost taste sickly and which will reign supreme?بقلم Research Rank Repeat
This Earth Day we wanted to focus on the important topics: pollution, deforestation, global warming, and urinating on a international landmark. This is the list no one asked for, but per usual we supplied. Listen this week as we rank our favorite and least favorite patches of grass.بقلم Research Rank Repeat
We swore we would never go back to sports, but March Madness basketball has dragged us back in. Instead of our usual number ranking system., we're putting every college basketball team's mascot through the 64 team bracket until we end up with one. Which mascot will end up on top?بقلم Research Rank Repeat
The moment we have spent our lives preparing for has finally arrived. We are the Motherf*cking Princesses this week as we discuss and rank music from the icon herself, Avril Lavigne. Hannah Spotify Playlist: Alyssa’s Spotify Playlist:…
We love popcorn, and this week we go to great lengths to try as many different poping flavor combinations as we can get our hands on. Our love of Garrett's and not liking to be wrong led to our first large social interaction in the form of a popcorn survey, the results of which we will cover in this episode! Most importantly though, is popcorn the …
Once again, we have decided to punish ourselves with a movie franchise of the highest quality. On its 20th Anniversary, join us as we ice pick apart Ice Age and its five sequels. From humble bad CGI animation of 2002, to almost equally as bad CGI animation of 2022, our sanity, boredom, and hatred of Sid the Sloth will be tested.…
This week we are joined by a special guest as we look into our past sports memories with the Backyard Sports computer game series. The Triple Threat will tackle important conversations, such as why Pablo Sanchez is the GOAT, how trash are Alyssa's opinions, and what child character can be described as a human Sonic?…
We return this week with our second Christmas episode focusing on one of the most important parts of the season: music. Jingle bells, forgetfulness, and Kenny Loggins will celebrate us home as we somehow manage to pick 15 songs in a blizzard of countless covers. Alyssa's Playlist Hannah's Playlistبقلم Research Rank Repeat
It's the moment we have been waiting for all year...Christmas time! What better way to kick off the season than watching a slew of cheesy romcoms that make us question our lives. This week we sleigh our way through a handful of Lifetime/Hallmark Christmas movies, including what might possibly be the worst Christmas film we have ever seen.…
This week we are joined by a special guest as we return to our TV pilot series, but this time our shows are from across the pond. In our longest episode yet, we will discuss high school, the Princess Bride, JKF, and subtitles. Will we crumble like a cracker under pressure, or come out on top of the London Eye? (Editor's note: This episode was so lo…
Nothing says childhood like massive blunts, controversy, expensive purchases, and Karens. Join us this week as we follow in the footsteps of many patriotic Americans before us by judging and criticizing young girls. We discuss the American Girl brand and rank the BeForever historic line!بقلم Research Rank Repeat
The spookiest day of the year is near! We are joined this week by a special guest to discuss Halloween movies in costume. The Black Flame candle has been lit, a full moon is out, and ghosts are near as we revisit some favorites from spooky season.بقلم Research Rank Repeat
Communication issues aside, this week we explore our American heritage. Tik Tok dances, Latin, and preparing for spooky season await as we rank the best and worst State mottos of the USA. How many times will Alyssa apologize for her atrocious pronunciations?بقلم Research Rank Repeat
Hodags, rats, and a little bit of music. We end summer 2021 just as professional and classy as we started it. Mistakes were made, opinions were shared, and per usual we cannot pronounce anything correctly. This week we rank our best and worst songs from the summer.بقلم Research Rank Repeat
We have returned to finish what was the most back breaking series to record thus far. Charm bracelet jealousy, Troy McGinty, trash CGI, and quite possibly the most toxic move by Edward will be discussed this week as we wrap up the Twilight movie franchise.بقلم Research Rank Repeat
Say it. Out loud. Join us this week as we hate ourselves and revisit a series we thought we put to rest long ago. From Alyssa's first podcast episode, to viewing the series through an adult lens, we begin looking at the complete Twilight Saga movie collection and try not to cringe.بقلم Research Rank Repeat
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