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The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio's Pat Novak series, featuring 19 episodes of Pat Novak and two episodes of Johnny Madero, all starring Jack Webb as the master of hard boiled narration. Adam Graham is your guide to each similie in this iconic pre-Dragnet Jack Webb series.
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Experts say the cost of food will keep rising next year, even though food prices are already higher than many people can afford. Shelley Deviller, executive director of the Colchester Food Bank, says they're seeing people come to the food bank who they've never seen before.
A key objective of the recent management plan for the Cape Breton Highlands National Park is sharing management with the Mi'kmaq. Clifford Paul is a representative of one of the Mi'kmaq organizations working on the partnership.
THE most depressing week in Music History. Literally everyone died. OK. So not everyone. Roy Orbison did, John Lennon did, the bloke who invented the LP did... BUT great grandfather Mick Jagger became a dad again at age 73! That's happy news. Thanks for checking out the podcast. Dedictated to our Australian listeners this week. See…
På livesending fredag 25. november tok Umami og Baklengs inn i Lånekassa for seg både matnytt om pepperkaker og allting ost. Vi har anmeldt Nova-lunsjen, og gjev deg også råd til kva du bør gjere framover til jul! I tillegg vankar smakstest og rating av ein viss chips frå Sørlandet. I studio høyrer du; Ragnhild Eikeland (Umami, og teknikk) og Ive v…
I denne utgaven av Det Beste fra Radio Nova ser vi tilbake til september/oktober og gir et gjenlytt til de beste radioøyeblikkene herfra. Du får servert Sorgenfris Radioteater, Baklengs om Icks (kåret månedens radioinnhold), Rushtid som snakker om skalla menn på bussen og Ferdinand i Frokost sitt innslag om å lære seg å spille "Concerning Hobbits" …
The StFX X-Men football team had a big year. They went undefeated in Atlantic University Sport play, to claim their second Loney Bowl trophy in a row. To top it all off, coach Gary Waterman was named U Sports Coach of the Year. He talks about what it took to get there.
Halifax has far too many unused offices and far too few apartments for rent. That's why some developers are converting old spaces into new housing. To talk about this trend, we reach Alex Baird Allen, the manager of Turner Drake's economic intelligence.
Many families are sharing their homes with an Elf on the Shelf this season. Halifax privacy lawyerDavid Fraser also noticed a new product, a Santa Cam with what appears to be a glowing red eye! He humorously asks: when did Santa become more Big Brother than jolly old elf?
People in Dartmouth might be wondering what's going on with a mysterious Mutual Aid shelter that's been appearing, disappearing, then reappearing in various parks across the city. To find out who keeps moving this shelter and why, we speak with Dartmouth Centre councillor Sam Austin.
Thirty-three years ago, 14 young women were murdered and 13 others were wounded in the École Polytechnique tragedy. Hear why Kristina Fifield, with the Avalon Sexual Assault Centre, says as we remember those women we should also be thinking about the Portapique tragedy.
Hear how a striking image of two guys playing hockey in front of the Peggys Cove lighthouse ended up being on blankets sold at dollar stores across the country. Adam Cornick, the photographer who took the image, explains his frustrations around that happening without his consent.
Branch 126, in Westmount, is the latest around the Maritimes to worry it may have to close for good. The Westmount President has a plan to build a new legion that could include a wellness centre, community centre and apartments for veterans.
Susan Joudrey wrote an Op Ed in the Chronicle Herald last week, voicing her concerns about the number of students and teachers who are missing class time due to COVID, RSV, and flu right now. She's hoping to see stronger action from the province to limit classroom spread and mitigate learning loss.
Just Chase started his music career in North Preston and now he's writing for A list musicians in Hollywood. Information Morning's Kyah Sparks spoke to the musician about his musical journey and what it's like to now be a Grammy-nominated songwriter.
About 700 people are experiencing homelessness in the Halifax region, according to the Affordable Housing Association. But some people struggling to find housing don't make it into those estimates. To address that, some young people in Halifax launched a new zine called Hidden Housing Stories. Vinn Elliott is an ambassador with Apathy is Boring's R…
Tara Lynn Taylor takes us backstage to tell us about a new mentorship program for Black sound, light and set designers, we hear about a twist on the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol, and how 29 young actors are mounting a performance of Peter Pan Jr.
A bald eagle called 450, who was severely injured in PEI, will soon have a new home at Hope for Wildlife after a unique surgery and a year of rehabilitation. Lara Cusack with the Atlantic Veterinary College talks about getting 450 up and flying again.
Community college students recently took part in the 8th Annual Challenge Nova Scotia competition. Premier Tim Houston asked competitors to come up with ideas to support unhoused community members. Hear from the team with the winning solution.
The Department of Community Services is trying a new foster care model. It's launching two pilot projects for the Mockingbird Program, a form of foster care that some other countries are already using. Hear from Community Services Minister Karla MacFarlane.
When Angela Riley founded the social enterprise Scotian Shores in 2020, she made a ten year goal to remove a million pounds of garbage from our shorelines. Hear how in 2022 alone, the group has managed to clean up more than 250,000 pounds of debris.
To help us kick off the yuletide season in song, we decided to bring in a ringer. Stephen Cooke has been writing about music and entertainment for 25 years, and is well known to many as an entertainment reporter for the Chronicle Herald. He joins us for a new holiday music feature.
Gone are the days when robots were relegated to sci-fi TV shows. Now, you might see one in an operating room. Robot-assisted surgery is a new frontier in surgical medicine. Dr. Peter Lin explains how it allows doctors to perform more complex operations and how it's being tested at hospitals here in Canada.…
The drive towards cooperative development and self determination started in Nova scotia in the 30s is known as the Antigonish Movement. This weekend two people from that community will be recognized at STFX for their work in furthering those goals - both at home and abroad. We'll hear from both of them.…
Our legal columnist Wayne MacKay talks about his role in the federal Emergencies Act inquiry. MacKay ran a panel about the impact of misinformation and disinformation in the convoy protests, and on the role of ideologically motivated, violent extremism.
Lucas Maxwell from Weymouth was once voted the best school librarian in the United Kingdom. He's a fan of the game Dungeons & Dragons and has discovered the game really helps kids who are neurodivergent. Hear about a guide he's written for schools to use D&D as a tool.
Radio Novan Aamussa Aki ja Minna, viimeistä kertaa yhdessä. Lähetyksessä muistellaan kuluneita vuosia, parhaita vitsejä, hullumpia tempauksia ja hervottomimpia hahmoja. Minna ja Parta-Markus ovat järjestäneet Akille myös läksiäisyllätyksen! Kyyneleiltäkään ei vältytä, kun vuosikausia yhdessä työskennellyt tiimi jättää toisilleen hyvästit. Kuuntele …
NDP leader Claudia Chender shares her take on the current battle between Nova Scotia Power and the Houston government. Hear her reaction to the premier's recent letter to the provincial regulator, and why the real losers in this power-struggle might be Nova Scotians.
Sara Avmaat has created a new comic book about climate anxiety and how one person got past it with the help of his best friend, a dog named Maude. Hear about the comic "Hope Unleashed" and its creator's own journey from climate anxiety to climate activity!
People will be paying more fossil fuels but they will also be getting money back from Ottawa. So will the carbon tax change behaviour and help the environment? Kate Ervin is an Associate Professor in the Department of Global Development Studies at Saint Mary's University and the author of the book, "Carbon."…
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