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Leon Haberdashery is the newest prank caller to the World of Prank Calls community. After becoming a Roycipient on the Take Your Pants Off Show with DevonAnustart in early 2020, I joined the community and am now making calls of my own! Catch me live Mondays from 7pm - 10pm (CST) and call in to the voicemail at 1-866-566-0818 to leave a message for the show.
Mop Riding With Dwight is hosted by Dwight McClanahan. Tune in on Saturday Night’s at 10 PM EST / 7 PM PST for some Mop Riding action as Dwight pranks left and right. Want Your Name On The Video !? Donate Here ! – or Wanna Chat ? Twitter – Prank Call Nation Facebook –
NOW LIVE!! Prank recordings, Robo Caller/Scammers and Voicemail recordings/Greetings DL the voicemail greeting audio file or use any device to record right up to the speaker and set it as your voicemail Greet! With permission I’ll accept recordings from the listeners. Have any awesome ideas or content or what u would like to hear? (join a episode?} Add my rss feed Wanna donate anything for exposure In return? NEED INTRO AND OUTRO MUSIC FANS!! Email Pra ...
Professional pranksters Damon Zwicker and Travis Draft sit down with prank veterans to reveal secrets behind some of the biggest, wildest, most outrageous pranks ever produced! Hilarious Hollywood anecdotes, gut-busting gags gone wrong and hidden camera high jinks make for the most entertaining one hour podcast you’ll ever hear. Subscribe today or beware - you may be next!
The Snow Plow Show is a comedy podcast that usually happens at least a couple times a week. Each show focuses on pranks, hax0ring, phone related news, and whatever else the Phone Losers of America happen to be up to. The show is hosted by RBCP, who is occasionally joined by guests hosts. The Snow Plow Show is a member of the Prank Call Nation family of prank-related shows.
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Whackhead Simpson replays an infamous British prank where a BBC radio host was having a serious discussion about disabled parking spots until one caller's love for minty biscuits completely derailed the conversation. See for privacy information.بقلم Kfm
Messing with the holes. Private investigator has been hired. Looking for already found keys. Press charges on the baby. The other guests do not hang out. Adult beverages and adult foods. Social media friends with employees. Physically bumped. Gas appointment. … Continue reading →بقلم
Larybird produced this Bonersode, in which I defend my rose garden, neighborhood privacy is protected, and property values are faked with digital projections. Support the show on Patreon. Shop the APCS Spreadshirt Store. Check out the APCS website. Leave the show a voicemail at (404) 721-2710 Follow APCS on Twitter. Email the show. Like and subscri…
It's my birthday, bitches! On the fifteenth episode of Prank Calls With Leon Haberdashery we called neighbors, church goers, and hotel guests! The show intro was made by GreatBigPete, the Macho Man drop was sent in my Mbots. The intro backing track is: Madcon - Beggin', and the outro track is: Olivia Rodrigo -Good 4 U. Special thanks to my Patreons…
Write this number down. Taking pictures of you. Return the WiFi. Turn in employees for rewards. Serving restrictions. Best friend for hire. Smell restriction. Dual person phone call. The popcorn is not working. Report the employee. Just mix it in. … Continue reading →بقلم
Watch the employee eat the food before. Teeth requirement for the foods. An example. Meet the sandwich maker. Misplaced sandwich. Sister was tickling me. Take some hotel observations. Watch them eat. Observe and watch. Tickling in the car. Burger eating … Continue reading →بقلم
Episode 42 of Another Prank Call Show, produced by Cody NoName, iregretjumping, rhonk, jarl_marx, and all of my dear listeners. In this episode things get entangled on the molecular level, sunken boats are recovered and rejected, and residents object to tourism in their neighborhood. Support the show on Patreon. Shop the APCS spreadshirt store. Che…
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