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نحن موقع مصري يسعى لإنتاج محتوى صحفي خلّاق وشجاع وجذاب. لدينا أيضًا شغف للموسيقى من المنطقة العربية والعالم. Mada Masr strives to champion a practice of independent, professional, intelligent, profound and engaging journalism. We also have a fondness for music from the Arab region and the world.
Islamic Media Podcast is an independent podcast run by a team of Sunni Muslims who are dedicated to providing the Muslims all around the world with authentic Sunni Islamic knowledge that can be traced back all the way to our Prophet (peace be upon him). We believe the Muslims today are in extreme need for authentic Islamic knowledge to practice their Religion. The ignorance in the Religion is the main reason why the Muslims are going through extremely tough times today. We ask Allah to facil ...
Since we launched the “Foundation for Arabic Music Archiving and Research”, our first priority has been to spread the rare musical heritage in our possession. Since 2009, we have decided to resort to the periodic publishing of CDs. We have started this as we have also decided to produce and to conduct a research for broadcast programs on the Internet drawn from our archives. These broadcast programs remained projects until our foundation reached an agreement with the Sharjah Art Foundation t ...
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من نصائح الإمام الهرري - لا يكمل إيما المؤمن حتى يكون جريئًا في قول الحق - الحلقة 28 by Islamic Media Podcastبقلم Islamic Media Podcast
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حقوق الطبع والنشر 2022 | خريطة الموقع | سياسة الخصوصية | شروط الخدمة
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