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Saade, kus õitsevad orgaanilised rütmid ning kõigil on lubatud särk maha võtta. Elektroonilise muusika värskendavale žanritevahelisele reisile viivad Kevin Park ja Lauri Lember. Saade on eetris üle nädala.
National Parks Traveler is the world's top-rated, editorially independent, nonprofit media organization dedicated to covering national parks and protected areas on a daily basis. Traveler offers readers and listeners a unique multimedia blend of news, feature content, debate, and discussion all tied to national parks and protected areas.
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The Boys are baked and ready for the long weekend! Before they get wasted, they have some f**king important facts for ya: A burger hack that will change your life, instructions on how to land an aircraft, and the shocking truth about whether Data the Star Trek robot was... shiny??!
Welcome to a brand new episode of Shark's Pond: A South Park Podcast. Join Bill as this week he reviews the season fifteen episode "Broadway Bro Down". Topics discussed in the episode include what Broadway shows has Bill seen, how composer Robert Lopez played a huge role in the episode, Shelly might have a new boyfriend and much more. Theme song co…
What a week, eh. New manager! New/old Head of Football! Old players...!? Still keeping up? For one final time this season, the three amigos round-up all the latest gossip and preview a truly one-off football match, as 2006 meets 2012 in a Royal rumble for the ages. Join Paul Mann, Jacob South Klein and James Earnshaw for a wistful trip down memory …
Jesus gives the readers of today's passage definite signs to be on the lookout for during the Great Tribulation. These details are meant to warn believers to prepare for unthinkable temptations. Only Jesus has the power to reveal the actions you must take today in order to prepare for the future and eternity. Sermon Notes @…
-7- Or did I commit a sin in humbling myself so that you-might be exalted, because I preached God's gospel to you free of-charge- -8- I robbed other churches by accepting support from-them in order to serve you. -9- And when I was with you and was-in need, I did not burden anyone, for the brothers who came-from Macedonia supplied my need. So I refr…
A new figure -- $21.8 billion -- has been attached to the National Park System's maintenance backlog. How will Congress react to that figure just a couple years after being told the number was around $13 billion?بقلم National Parks Traveler
异物志AFTER PARTY 刚刚看完火爆高能玄幻网剧《异物志》的我们有幸连线本剧团队『优映文化』的小宝,安宁,邵庄,冬冬等成员,来帮我们回填《异物志》剧情里挖下的众多“大坑”,分享剧中概念设定,人物塑造,创作与拍摄内幕,以及与『优映文化』出品的豆瓣9.7分神剧《毛骗》的关联。让我们三位老粉获得了巨大的填“坑”想象的满足。本期节目涉及剧情设定上的轻微剧透,还没有收看《异物志》的朋友欢迎尽快收看并收听。 时长:120分钟 录音:MOG 苍间 隐二 嘉宾:杨羽 邵庄 邢冬冬 安宁 剪辑:苍间 录音监修:unray 片头曲:孟珂——异物志片头曲 片尾曲:相对论乐队——流浪地球بقلم mog
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