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Niner Empire Radio

Niner Empire Radio

Niner Empire Radio from GoMobile Radio

Niner Empire Radio (IG: @9eradio) is the official podcast of the largest, most dedicated 49er fan organization, The Niner Empire ( Your hosts, The Champ (IG: @thisisthechamp)and Karim aka Nightclubber Lang (IG: @ndotlang) are lifelong 49er fans and NFL football experts. Broadcasted in Richmond, CA, the crew tells it like it is, refusing to sugar coat things for the bandwagonners, and get too excited when the 49ers are winning. Please feel free to tune in, subscribe, and shar ...
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We are who we thought we were. Not contenders. The Bills used and abused the Niner defense and Trumpy Mullens made a lot of stupid looking faces in the process. The trend continued of Shanny not making adjustments and losing the 2nd half. All Bad. Next? The Game Manager 11 himself comes back (home*) to face the 49ers. 2 teams moving in different di…
Imagine being a Rams fan. That's just gotta suck. The niners went in that shiny new stadium and handled Goff, Donald , McVay and them boys. Yeah, it came down to a last second field goal, but it wasn't that close. Swept the trash ass Rams. Next up, the Bills come to AZ to play the home-team Niners. Why? How? WTF? The Niners probably need to win out…
The Packers came to Levi's and destroyed the injury-plagued Niners. The backups played like backups, and Aaron Rodgers was a savage. We explore the what ifs next year and the possibility of Aaron becoming a 49er. This Sunday we play the top Proud Boy, Trump supporter Drew Brees and his Saints teammates that only respect him because he can play QB. …
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