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More news in one podcast than liberals will give you in a lifetime! It's a comedic, satirical look at the news of the week. Where common sense overrides political correctness. I may not always be right but I will always be truthful to my heart in the moment. My goal is to inform and entertain. But more importantly to give you a place to come where you can see you are not alone. There are more people than you imagine who feel the exact same way you do.
Story of the Day

Story of the Day

NCPR - North Country Public Radio

Get your daily dose of what's happening in New York's North Country, the Adirondacks, Vermont, Canada, and beyond. Host David Sommerstein presents the best stories from North Country Public Radio's award-winning newsroom. You'll hear the most interesting voices on the most important issues in the region. There's even a micro-newscast to keep you up to date. When you miss "going local" in your podcast feed, Story of the Day has you covered. 010329
Joe Biden may seal his fate in the first 100 days, when his mandate is strongest, and he makes the early decisions that will shape our country’s future. In season two of Rubicon, Crooked Media’s Editor in Chief Brian Beutler will chronicle the dawn of the Biden era and assess the administration’s most consequential decisions based on the expectations Biden has set for himself and the ones we’ve set for him. This window of opportunity is crucial for all presidents and that’s never been more t ...
Elisha Krauss is the co-host of The Morning Answer in Los Angeles (KRLA & KTIE), and the Director of Development for PragerU. She has over a decade of experience in political talk radio and brings her unique take on pop culture, parenting, politics and being a conservative hippy (running show joke) to the airwaves. Every day she picks a segment of The Morning Answer (#TMA) that fired up the hosts and/or the listeners the most so you don't miss out on the most interesting, informative and ent ...
@ the End of the Day w/ Corey & Alex: All That Matters in Our World & Yours is a podcast featuring two long-time friends - with strong, vastly different personalities - who share the same grand vision of life and happiness. Listen to their takes on current events and pop culture; friendships that have endured the test of time and the incredible adventures they've experienced on their own individual journeys - ALL that truly matters @ the end of the day.
Over four days in June 2012, our speakers – philosophers and theologians, historians and writers, believers and non-believers – will consider what it can mean to be religious, and what role the voice of faith may legitimately have in the conversations of citizens in a multicultural, democratic state and in the community of nations.
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(Dec 3, 2021) A new NPR poll found many working families are having to choose between childcare and working. The pandemic has made the child care crisis worse. A family in Clinton County knows that by experience. Also: A Paul Smith's College nordic combined athlete is competing at the Olympic venue in Beijing, with a chance to make the USA team.…
(Dec 2, 2021) Dairy farmers are hurting from the pandemic, high gas prices, and the rollercoaster of milk prices. But they fear a new rule requiring they pay overtime after 40 hours a week could put some farms out of business. Also: Gov. Hochul said she won't impose new mask mandates statewide because she doubts people would comply.…
(Dec 1, 2021) Despite all the poverty in the North Country, there are only a few homeless shelters in the region. Samaritan House in Saranac Lake has a track record of getting people jobs and back into their own housing. Also: The state education commissioner ordered a school near Saratoga Springs to drop its "Indians" mascot and logo.…
(Nov 30, 2021) The North Country's spiking COVID-19 rates have county leaders scrambling to get more people vaccinated and wearing masks indoors. At Glens Falls' hospital, a wave of unvaccinated COVID patients is filling the facility's ICU unit. Also: New York has created a new job to coordinate the response to all the increased visitor traffic in …
(Nov 29, 2021) The U.S. hasn't hosted World Cup ski jumping in years. But that's about to change in December when Lake Placid hosts an Olympic qualifier, thanks to a big upgrade in its iconic ski jump infrastructure. Also: SUNY Potsdam's interim president died unexpectedly over the weekend.بقلم NCPR News
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