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Podcast covers helpful backpacking, hunting and winter camping tips and tricks. Knowledge from decades spent in the forest, rivers and mountains of the Olympic Peninsula (Washington State). Conversations for an audience ranging from the beginner, all the way up to the experienced adventurer. Recorded in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in a little corner of the world, where it receives an annual average of 110 inches of rainfall a year. We hope listening to this inspires you to go outdoors soon!
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A tent wood stove burns wood as fuel and requires a stove jack for the chimney to exit the shelters living area.Generally a stove jack is made of a fire proof material which makes it possible for a red hot chimney pipe to exit the tent. Secondly tent wood stoves burn wood for fuel that you find in the forest, or bring along with you on your camping…
Learn how we get a great tipi pitch in deep snow, why a tent wood stove is essential for winter camping, and the benefits you gain. Late season hunting in the snow? What gear and shelter we chose to take along to wrap up the 2019 hunting season!بقلم Luxe Hiking Gear
Fresh from a cold winter camping trip, we discuss the set up and use of 2 x Minipeak XL’s and our Polatouche backpacking tarp to create a basecamp with a large awning. This setup provides a ton of room for several people and gear. Adding a tent wood stove makes cooking, heating, and drying clothes a breeze. You could even add a 2nd stove if you cho…
We share some exciting, scary, and sometimes funny camping tales from the trails and backcountry in order to provide some tips (and laughs) for when the going gets tough. We hope you enjoy these stories and feel encouraged to get out and make some lasting memories in the great outdoors!بقلم Luxe Hiking Gear
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