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Channel Chatter is your go-to, one-stop resource for everything Lenovo Channel—where we cover the latest tech trends, provide actionable insights, and equip you with powerful sales tips and tricks. This podcast is part of Lenovo’s Channel Chatter communications strategy to provide our Partners with actionable technology information in an easy-to-digest format.
On February 6, 2014, late night talk show host Jay Leno disappeared. He stopped doing his regular late night show on NBC, fired all of his employees, and removed himself from the public eye after decades of coming out every night and shaking the audience’s hands. Nobody has heard from him - and no one knows why he left. “Comedian” and Overall Fame seeker Jude Tedmori has taken it upon himself to track down and find Jay. Every week Jude and a guest will go to Burbank to find the now Missing J ...
¿Otro programa de entrevistas? Los medios están saturados con el género periodístico más sencillo, accesible y barato, que muchas veces termina en conversaciones donde no se habla de nada (un saludo a Buenafuente, Pablo Motos y a la 'La Resistencia' de David Broncano). Más allá de la sobredosis de charlas con famosos, sigue habiendo hueco para las entrevistas a fondo, como las que plantea el periodista cultural Víctor Lenore desde hace más de veinte años. Nuestra receta: preguntas sin filtro ...
Lenovo Customer Care +1(415)547-0376 Support Phone Number Facing any problem while dealing with your Lenovo device? Want to know various services provided by Lenovo? Or Want to access Lenovo Support Service? Click here!! Lenovo Support In today’s world of cut and throw competition, any firm which is ruling the market will keep ruling till their customers were satisfied. And having a satisfied customer is only possible with two things, i.e., Good Quality Product and best Customer Support Serv ...
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Stephen Miller is back, this time to sit down with Brian Mignault, Director NA Vertical Solutions & Smart Collaboration Sales, to share insights for empowering employees with productivity and collaboration enhancing software, hardware, and services. Don’t miss what’s next in the future of work!
Why do hackers target K-12? And how can you keep your customers safer? Ann Panaro, K-12 Community Manager and Technologist, Stephen Miller share insights from a recent breach of 400, 000 LA Unified School District students’ records. And how Lenovo technology could have made a difference.بقلم Lenovo
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