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Timely and relevant conversations with community leaders, activists, politicians, and everyday Asians who discuss life as an Asian in American in 2021. Listen to learn our history, current situation, and how we can all work together to create a better future for all of us.
Beyond the Resumes

Beyond the Resumes

Jerry Won // Just Like Media

Beyond the Resumes is a daily ten-minute podcast that shares the worst and best life and career advice from globally recognized career leaders, LinkedIn Top Voices, executives, doctors, and entrepreneurs. Jerry Won, the founder and host of Beyond the Resumes, holds a BS from USC Marshall, an MBA from Michigan Ross, and was a former consultant at Accenture and a sales and marketing leader in multiple industries. He now hopes to share both his and his guests’ extensive careers and experiences ...
我们去看医生的时候往往是我们最脆弱的时刻。我们信任那个握着手术刀的人。我们信任医院。我们信任这个系统。 Christopher Duntsch 是一位充满自信的神经外科医生。他声称自己是达拉斯最好的神外医生。如果你感到背痛,并且试过各种方法都没有效果,Duntsch 医生可以为你实施脊柱外科手术,让你从此远离病痛。 但很快他的患者就开始经历并发症,医疗系统也无法为他们提供保护。这就引发了一个问题:该系统旨在保护谁(或是保护什么)? Wondery——全球最大的热门播客网络,为您带来这个“死亡医生”的故事,这是关于一位迷人的外科医生、33 位患者以及一个软弱无用的系统的故事。
Hans & Scotty G.

Hans & Scotty G.

The Zone Sports Network

Hans & Scotty G. tackle the biggest topics of the day, featuring a stellar list of guest hosts that include Matt Harping, David Locke, Craig Bolerjack, and others. From the Utes and Cougars to the Utah Jazz, Hans & Scotty get you inside the huddle with access and opinions you won’t get anywhere else.
The craft beer scene is full of great stories! Whether you're a homebrewer or brew for a brewery, an artist who creates the wonderful label art on the brews we enjoy, a distributor or work on the sales and marketing side... Regardless of your connection to the craft beer industry, if you have an interesting story to tell, we at "Share a Pint" want to hear it and help bring your story to craft beer enthusiasts everywhere!
What’s your story? It’s a question that our host, Matt Story, has been asked countless times throughout his life. In this podcast, he sits with leaders to explore how their experience as a person of color has helped them in blazing new trails. Matt brings his love of storytelling to amplify how his guests utilized their diverse background and experiences to make an impact on the world. If you are ready to unlock your superpower and looking for inspiration, this podcast is for you. If you wou ...
The Art of the Pivot brings you an executive perspective on the trends, challenges and triumphs experienced by today’s most transformative business leaders. Our conversations will take listeners into the mind of decision-makers at their most critical - or shall we say, pivotal - moments. Subscribe today and learn business transformation lessons you won’t hear anywhere else. Learn more about Signavio here:
Have you ever walked into your favorite store, coffee shop and/or business and wondered—“why are they so awesome?” How about the flip side—“why is this place so awful?” Join host Jerry Durham as he takes you through the successes and failures of various businesses ranging from Starbucks to healthcare clinics. A little spoiler alert…it all comes back to the customer experience!
A luxury hotel pool attendant in Miami meets a married couple. The wife starts flirting with the young man...and pretty soon he is caught up in a love triangle, one that will have far-reaching results. The husband is Jerry Falwell Jr., member of one of the most famous evangelical families in America and president of a Christian university with a strict code of conduct. The affair is part of a pattern of questionable behavior that will threaten the Falwell family dynasty. From Wondery, the ma ...
Fantasy Friendship is an opportunity for everyday folks to share their most bizarre and unique experiences, including getting lost while backpacking in the Rockies and surviving, being robbed at gunpoint, a high-speed chase turned marriage proposal, acting in the cult classic Birdemic and so much more. Have a story you'd like to share? Reach out and we'll make you the next guest.
The Rouf n Jerry show is a brand new podcast by 2 UK based radio DJs who both share a wicked sense of humour: Manrouf Chanfi who is part Madagascan, and Brit, Jerry Short, who also plays in Afro funk band, Matuki. They clearly have a love and expert knowledge of World Music, and combine it with unusual and often very funny news stories from around the world. Oh yes, each episode tries to answer one Big Choice Question. Actually, not merely big, one huge question.
Ten Minutes of Friendship is a podcast series sponsored by the Friendship Centers . Originally called "Ten Minutes With Paula" the podcasts only focused on caregiver issues. It's being expanded to include health issues, events, special programs and essentially topics to help all of us age with dignity and a little fun at the same time...and it doesn't matter where you're located. We're starting with the RSVP program and an interview with Director, Jerri Sutton. RSVP helps match up over 55 in ...
Have you ever been watching a movie or tv show and wondered, "Who's that actor playing Cop #2"? "Who's that prostitute who snitched"? "Who's that Doctor that let the main character die"? I'm Brian Lafontaine and I'm one of those no-name-not-famous professional actors. There are thousands of us and we're everywhere. We might even live right next door to you, and these are our stories.
Sit back and enjoy a Lutheran devotion drawn out of God's pure and holy Word. These devotions weave everyday life with the wonders of Jesus' great love for us found in his obedient life, death on the cross, and resurrection of the dead. No matter what is going on in your life, there are certain truths that never change. God loves you! God died for you! And you are chosen to live with him forever in heaven.
Big Mama and the WiLD Bunch is Southwest Florida’s Morning Show. They are the #1 Nielsen rated morning show with over 250k fans on Social Media. Big Mama and the WiLD Bunch’s dedication to their craft has won them Best Morning Drive team with the News-Press reader’s poll for seven straight years. Wake up and be ready at 6am to interact with this LIVE and LOCAL show, packed with current events, entertainment, and their personal lives always creating some sort of on-air hilarity. Big Mama and ...
In this podcast, we will discuss Tone, how to achieve the tone of your dreams, and what the pros are doing to get the signature sounds that we all love and admire. We will talk music as well as explore the relationship between your instrument and the rest of your equipment, such as guitars, amps, pedals, and more. So be ready for some great stories, lots of information, and cool interviews. We will explore music in general, artists/bands, and their music. In each episode I will introduce my ...
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Today is Giving Tuesday! A lot of us get caught up in Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the holiday shopping craze. Let’s not forget what the spirit of the season is really all about. The Season of giving. On giving Tuesday, we hope that you can make a donation. To those less fortunate. Today we teamed up with Golisano Children’s Hospital of South Wes…
Jenni Schubring discusses the benefits of knowing your strengths and values to shape the life you want to live beyond the rut. See the full show notes at Support the show's maintenance and growth by buying me a cup of coffee at It doesn't matter if it's one cup, three cups, or five. All of it is welcom…
All week long, Big Mama and the WiLD Bunch are transporting you to the North Pole to enter Big Mama’s Magic Money Workshop! Once inside, you’ll have a chance to answer one of Santa’s questions for a chance at $100 dollars, courtesy of Achieva Credit Union!!!The post Big Mama and the WiLD Bunch: Magic Money Workshop appeared first on B1039.…
It was supposed to be a reality show with a twist. In a sun-drenched villa in Ibiza, six hot guys compete for a cash prize and for the love of the beautiful and mysterious Miriam. It’s meant to be her big break: the moment she becomes the superstar she was born to be. But this is the era of “cruel reality TV” and the show producers have a different…
It’s a therapy Thursday, and that means it’s time to ask a Doctor! Dr.Daller is here to answer your calls, texts, and emails. This week we ask the Doctor about testosterone replacement for women. It’s not just for men. Everything you didn’t know about testosterone replacement therapy for women… We find out on today’s episode of Ask a Doctor!The pos…
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