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Keyshawn, JWill & Max

Keyshawn, JWill & Max

ESPN Radio, Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams, Max Kellerman

Every morning, #1 pick in the NFL Draft, Keyshawn Johnson joins #2 pick in the NBA Draft Jay Williams and Max Kellerman as they set the sports table for the day. From the games that electrified us the night before to the stories that will catch fire during the day, Key, Jay and Max will update, inform and entertain. The sparks will fly as these legends debate what’s happening and grill the best known guests in all of sports. This is the home for hourly podcasts of the national radio show.
Jay and Dave ARE "the Locals you know" and the team that Locals love to wake up to. Get your daily dose of laughs and Local issues that seem to be the talk of the town on Triple M Mackay & The Whitsundays. Be involved with the Crew each weekday morning from 5am - call 13 27 10.
Beyond Athletic with Ryan Jay Owens

Beyond Athletic with Ryan Jay Owens

RYAN JAY OWENS: Pro Athlete | Entrepreneur & Peak Performance Private Coach interviews Kelly Starrett, Shawn Stevenson, Jordan Harbinger with aspirations of Anthony Tony Robbins, Usain Bolt, Novak Djokovic & Serena Williams (ryan@beyondathletic.com)

SPORTS | ATHLETIC TRAINING | PEAK PERFORMANCE | ENTREPRENEURSHIP & LIFESTYLE DESIGNBeing athletic naturally gives you the greatest opportunity for a successful life. We aim to help you build a gameplan for growing in your sport/athletics by reaching true potential and applying everything you learn through your athletics to building a legacy through business & life skills. Beyond Athletic provides you with user-initiated Q&A's, Elite Athlete Case Studies, RJO Lessons from Ryan Jay Owens' pro ...
Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play and all other outlets. A selection of various mixes in various styles. "A DJ that displays a wealth of talent & versatility" Muzik Magazine (UK) "Serves up some seriously funky sounds" (Mark McAvoy, Cluas.com) “Irelands funkiest export” 3D World Magazine (Australia) I've been a DJ for over 20 years in that time I've held residencies in The U.S., Australia and all over Ireland. I've also released music under the name 'Tantric Dex' Past Support ...
Love a good hunting story? This is the podcast for you. Each episode is a real story told from a real hunter. There may be an occasional name you recognize but for the most part this podcast features average joes just like you! Real guys and girls with real stories about their hunting experiences. Deer, turkey, elk, ducks...if there's a story to be told we will tell it!
Join Jeff Sarris as he explores the unexpected paths to entrepreneurship. From insect farming to board game trading, sports card investing to hair ties for guys, there are entrepreneurs thriving in every space imaginable. Starting Now is a show about change, resilience, and your next big idea. Produced by SPYR.
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Are we headed toward a Brady-Belichick Super Bowl? Plus, Key explains why Mac Jones has what it takes to be the first rookie QB to take his team to the Super Bowl, Dan Orlovsky tells us why Matthew Stafford is struggling and, even Paul Finebaum was impressed by Jim Harbaugh's win over Ohio State.بقلم ESPN Radio, Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams, Max Kellerman
The guys discuss if the Bears or Giants GM/head coaching jobs are better...then play Take Your Pick for the final games of Week 12. Ed Werder joins to talk about the Cowboys loss to the Raiders on Thanksgiving day.بقلم ESPN Radio, Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams, Max Kellerman
The guys discuss the Bears win over the Lions and if Detroit should be looking for a new QB. The Cowboys are in trouble if Zeke can't get healthy. We play Four Downs to preview the biggest NFL matchups this weekend. Harry Douglas joins to react to yesterday's Thanksgiving games.بقلم ESPN Radio, Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams, Max Kellerman
Keyshawn is joined by Freddie Coleman and Chris Canty today. The guys react to the Cowboys' loss to the Raiders on Thanksgiving Day and all the penalties that were called in that game...and the Bears getting a win against the Lions and why it won't change the fate of Matt Nagy. Dan Graziano joins for some Hot News or Not News.…
Freddie Coleman filling in for the guys...Mike Tannenbaum joins him. How much pressure are the Bills feeling with the Patriots taking the lead in the AFC East? Baker Mayfield & Aaron Rodgers both battling through injuries...how effective will they be the rest of the season?بقلم ESPN Radio, Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams, Max Kellerman
More on the Giants firing Jason Garrett and what's next for the franchise. Chris Canty joins to talk about the Giants, Zach Wilson, and why it's Super Bowl or bust for the Cowboys. Seth Greenberg joins to talk about the gap between Gonzaga and everyone else.بقلم ESPN Radio, Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams, Max Kellerman
Is it time for a Giant re-build in New York? Kendrick Perkins joins to talk about what's wrong with the Lakers. Heather Dinich joins to react to Cincinnati jumping into the CFP Top 4. The guys play Reputation vs. Reality.بقلم ESPN Radio, Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams, Max Kellerman
The guys discuss how much firing Matt Nagy could actually benefit Justin Fields right now...and if the young QB should have any input into the next head coach. Who won the show's Thanksgiving Dish Draft? Waddle & Silvy's Marc "Silvy" Silverman joins to talk about the status of Matt Nagy and if it's time for the Bears to move on from their head coac…
Will Matt Nagy be fired after the Bears Thanksgiving game vs. the Lions? Cincinnati breaks into the Top 4 of the CFP rankings. The guys disagree on if Jerry Jones should be placing blame for the Cowboys loss to the Chiefs on Amari Cooper...and Aaron Rodgers' pinky toe hurts a lot.بقلم ESPN Radio, Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams, Max Kellerman
On this episode: Nitso from Oz Cyclone Chasers explains what La Nina is Jay fools Dave with a TikTok prank Dave's 'Did You Know' What job did you do straight out of school and what do you do now? Jay & Dave meet Third Wheel applicant Sheridan What are you having trouble finding in the supermarkets at the moment? Do you have normal cheese, parmesan …
The guys play "To the Max" on which teams are and aren't Super Bowl contenders. Also, ESPN NBA Analyst Jeff Van Gundy joins the show to talk about the suspension of LeBron James, and the Lakers issues moving forward. Plus, the Giants lost to the Bucs on Monday Night Football.بقلم ESPN Radio, Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams, Max Kellerman
Mike Tannenbaum joins the guys for the hour. The Giants lost to the Buccaneers yesterday, and Keyshawn thinks the main issue is with the coaching. Which team has a better QB situation right now: the Giants or the Eagles? The guys also continue to discuss Baker Mayfield's comments. Plus, if the Jets & Giants combined their rosters could they win 8 g…
Baker Mayfield skipped his press conference after their game, but justified it by saying he's accountable to his teammates, not the media. He also addressed the fans booing him. Also, Paul Finebaum talks about the CFP and coaching opening. Plus, Jeff Saturday & Mike Tannenbaum join the show! Who will be the Bears head coach after Matt Nagy?…
Tom Brady and the Buccaneers handily beat the Giants on Monday Night Football. Who do you trust more to make it back to the Super Bowl: the Bucs or the Chiefs? Also, LeBron James was only suspended for 1 game following his altercation with Isaiah Stewart, which Jay disagrees with. Plus, Key's Real Rankings & Dan Graziano joins to play Overreaction …
Whether you love him or hate him or are somehow completely indifferent, you’ve probably spent at least some of the last 20 years thinking about Tom Brady. Brady has altered friendships, families and communities. He’s changed the trajectory of careers and reputations, enabled fairy tale dreams to be both realized and dashed. 'Man In the Arena' is a …
Mac Jones and the Patriots picked up a huge win on Thursday Night Football, extending their winning streak. Also, ESPN NFL Draft Expert Mel Kiper joins the show to talk about which QB's teams will be looking for in the draft this year. Plus, Former Cowboys Guard & 3x Super Bowl Champion Nate Newton previews Cowboys vs. Chiefs.…
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