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Toast Hawaii

Toast Hawaii

Bettina Rust & Studio Bummens

Kaugummi-Eis und Köfte, Feldsalat und Ravioli aus der Dose. Der Volksmund sagt: Du bist, was Du isst. In „Toast Hawaii“ stellt Bettina Rust jede Woche ihren vielfach prominenten –aber immer interessanten – Gästen Fragen, die sich nur ums Essen drehen. Fast nur.
Welcome to Smart Living Hawaii’s Podcast where we discuss Smart Homes & Technology, Sustainability, Healthy Lifestyles (Food/Fitness/Well-Being) and Smart Business. Check us out at: www.SmartLivingHi.com, follow us on Instagram @smart_living_hawaii or LIKE us on Facebook @smartlivinghawaii #SmartHomes #SmartEco #SmartHealth #SmartBusiness
Wen you move mainland you nevah foget all da Hawaii kine tings you grew up wit, but da mainlandahs no undahstand all dat stuffs. We going share all about our local culture, how we adapted to live hea, and talk storreh wit people who wen move and started a new life away from da islands. Aurigh! Mahalo fo listening!
Hawaii Grown

Hawaii Grown

Honolulu Civil Beat

Despite Hawaii's fertile soil and year-round growing season, the state imports an estimated 85% of its food. Join Civil Beat as we examine some of the biggest challenges farmers face and explore solutions to achieve food independence in the islands.
Living Stones Church is a non-denominational Church located in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. We seek to build a culture of faith in Jesus Christ. Our four pillars of the faith: God is Good. We are living from a victory Jesus has won... not for a victory. Nothing is impossible with God. You are specially and uniquely created with a purpose.
When most people think of Hawaii, they imagine sand, surf, and the Aloha Spirit....but spirits of a different kind may occupy the Hawaiian islands. Most people visiting the islands don‘t know of Hawaii‘s haunted history. Want to learn of the haunted hotels and the restless spirits that still roam the grounds? Or why whistling at night attracts spirits of the dead... Come join me, Uncle Jared, as I cover these infamous tales on my podcast, Ghostlore of Hawaii: Paranormal Paradise
A podcast all about relationships hosted by Reid and Cari Chung, The Hawaii Couple Podcast mission is about inspiring everyone to create a fulfilling and happy relationships. Our weekly podcast will share relationship stories and adventures together. Each week we will give you great advice to improve your relationship(s) and keep love alive. We will also feature interviews with amazing people and couples who will share their stories of who they are and the relationships in their lives. Subsc ...
Roger Pfalz und Jens Seipp sind fest in der Kommunalpolitik im hessischen Marburg an der Lahn verwurzelt. Der "harte" Alltag der Kommunalpolitiker wird genauso aufs Korn genommen wie aktuelle Ereignisse der Landes- und Bundespolitik. Als bekennende Fans des Trash-TV verfolgen die beiden das Zeil einmal persönlich im Australischen Dschungel dabei zu sein. Das natürlich mit einem Augenzwinkern.
We are Oahu Roofing & Repairs Kaneohe located in Kaneohe, HI. Our services include roof inspections, leak repairs, roof repairs, partial re-roofs, re-roofs, new roof installations. We are experienced and manufacturer certified installers for metal roofs, asphalt shingle, cedar shake, ceramic and concrete tile, composite, Japanese ceramic tiles, copper, slate, GACO, torch down, EPDM, and other fluid applied single membrane roof coatings.
Random, sometimes politically incorrect, Life Coaching with The Law of Attraction, true stories from real-life experiences, with Comedy! This will inspire you. 🙏🏽❤️🕉 😉 New Podcasts Weekly! Junior Kekuewa Jr.! Law of Attraction Life Coach. 🙏🏽❤️🕉 Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on this podcast do not reflect the views of our sponsors, affiliates, this platform, members of our distribution network, or any other entity. Names have been changed or omitted for liability purposes. Cont ...
Exploring Hawaii and its stories. Hawaii is a place filled with stories—both ancient and still unfolding at this very moment. Join us as we share these stories with the world. Transmission from Hawaii is a production of Wasabi Magazine (www.readwasabi.com) and hosted by Tony Vega, editor in chief of Wasabi Magazine. If you have any ideas for a future episode, please email mail@readwasabi.com.
University of Hawaii and Canadian Football League standout Chad Owens will host “The CO2 RUN DWN” will run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and feature insights, interviews and commentary from the former CFL most valuable player and UH all-time career yardage leader. Nicknamed “Mighty Mouse,” Owens was an explosive wide receiver, punt returner and kick returner for head coach June Jones’s run-and-shoot offense from 2001-2004. In 2004, he was named a second-team All-American and won the Mo ...
Welcome to the podcast home of Hawaii's source for breaking news. Hawaii News Now (KGMB/KHNL) is the state's leader for breaking news, weather alerts, traffic updates and sports headlines, plus the latest headlines on the issues that impact you and your families the most — including the global coronavirus pandemic.
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Reid + Cari reconnect with an old friend Dr. Steven Nwe who is a Dermatologist in Chicago. Steven talks about the Chicago dating scene and opens up about finding a relationship during the pandemic. Reid + Cari learn about his experience understanding his own sexuality and talk about the differences between generations around understanding sexuality…
For the people of Israel, their season was about to change – whether for better or worse, it was completely up to them. They had been freed from Pharaoh’s grip and on their way to the Promised Land. However, their journey proved to be less thrilling than they had hoped for. While “in-transit” to the best that God had prepared for them, discontentme…
Es ist schwierig, vielleicht sogar ausgeschlossen, Matthias Matschke nicht zu mögen. Häufig hat der gebürtige Marburger das Glück, Rollen verkörpern zu dürfen, in die er seinen großartigen Humor mitnehmen darf. Wobei - das Glück haben dann die Zuschauerinnen und Zuschauer. In Pastewka beispielsweise, 10 Staffeln lang durften wir Matthias Matschke a…
This Tuesday, January 11, 2022, episode of the Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast features host Aloha Bruce discussing the latest Hawaii Covid travel news, the Restaurant of the Week, and the differences between a regular condo and a “hybrid condo” for your Hawaii vacation. Bruce begins by discussing changes to the Hawaii Safe Travel Program, and […
On this podcast Junior talks about the decline of radio and television, and how more people got let go from radio recently. This is a lesson to younger people who are about to be popular. When you start to get popular you need to diversify. Never rest on your laurels, or depend on that one thing that’s making you famous or popular. There is always …
Yes dea is one supah successful shave ice business in Portland Oregon! In dis episode of "Who You?" we talk storreh wit Dan-o Takamura, from Wailua Shave Ice! Tune in as dis supah chill braddah shares his journey wit da well-known Hawaii dessert company. From Maui Roots, to da design scene on O’ahu, then to Portland! Not one talk-storreh session yo…
Note: For best listener experience, headphones are suggested but not required. Aloha and welcome! In episode 11, I'll be covering a couple of ghost stories that happened to my mom in Hawaii. The first incident occurred when she was a young girl growing up in Pāhoa. The second story involves an odd phone call my family received in the middle of the …
How do you follow Jesus in 2022, and beyond? Unfortunately, for all the type-A people, Jesus doesn't provide a checklist of how to follow him. However, he does tell us one thing that is necessary if we are to follow him -- we must die. In step with the counter-intuitive nature of the Kingdom of God, the way to victory is defeat, the way to gain is …
A Talk Story with Lauren Roth Venu as we dive deeper on Hawaii’s Fresh Water and how we as a state manage our precious resource. From storm water runoff to irrigation, quality of water to green infrastructure, there is so much to learn about Hawaii’s water system, our history, our current situation and how people like Lauren are solving the problem…
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