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Gathering Intel ist ein Basketballpodcast mit dem Schwerpunkt Scouting und Evaluation, meistens mit Bezug zum NBA Draft. Scouting Reports und Artikel von mir könnt ihr hier finden: Host: Dennis Janßen (@GatheringIntel auf Twitter) Grafiken von @Siro_TTG
Gathering Gold

Gathering Gold

Sheryl Paul and Victoria Russell

Join Sheryl Paul, a counselor informed by the Jungian depth psychological tradition, and her co-host Victoria Russell, as they dive into the realms of our inner worlds and explore actions we can take to grow more self-trust and self-love. These bi-weekly episodes will provide guidance for diminishing fear and shame, embracing sensitivity and creativity, and approaching life with curiosity and compassion.
Business discussions from The Kings Table. Join serial entrepreneur, Chaz Wolfe as he extracts the good, the bad and the ugly from fellow successful 7, 8 and 9 figure owners to help you grow out of the grind and warrior stage and enter into becoming a king…in your business and all areas of life. You'll find motivation, inspiration and extremely practical steps to help you become the King you are designed to be.
We desire to provide a space for people who are disconnected from the church and have an interest in exploring who Jesus is and what it might mean to follow Him. We aspire to be authentic about who we are so that we can grow into a genuine faith. Being real is more important than being perfect.
Are you overwhelmed trying to juggle all the things as a mom and photographer? Wishing there was someone who would swoop in and take care of YOU for once? If so, get ready to feel encouraged and empowered with honest truth, mindset shifts, practical tools and strategies to prioritize yourself, enjoy motherhood, and grow a thriving and profitable photography business. I’m your host, Ashley Freehan, online business & motherhood coach for mom photographers and brand photographer based in Arizon ...
We are another Magic the Gathering podcast that focuses on Commander . We do things a little differently, we are not as clean as the other guys and definitely not as experienced... definitely not. So we are pretty much newbies who thought, "hey, we can definitely qualify to make a podcast." We try to crack a joke or two here and there, and we also like to drink beer while we talk. Please subscribe if you want to watch us make a mess of ourselves
Swez Tha Spinna (aka Lawd Zetro) is a versatile spinna who is passionate about Music. You can check him out on the following platforms Facebook : Swez Tha Spinna Twitter : Swez_DJ Instagram : swez_tha_spinna Bookings :
I love meaningful conversations, and this is probably what it would sound like if we had a chance to have that chat in my home office. It is my effort to process what I'm thinking out loud (and sometimes with friends.) The Gathering at Victory Acres is a local congregation in Upland, IN meeting at our 114 acre ministry farm. ( I am a Christian, husband, father, pastor, church planter, community developer, author, and social entrepreneur. I am a mortal on a journey throug ...
Primal Gathering is a podcast that showcases the people spearheading regenerative change through their projects, businesses and/or communities. Exploring the joys, and tribulations that arise from building alternative systems with integrity rooted in their values.
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Chaplain R.T. Byrum A NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM—In 1893, Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous Gettysburg address which included these closing words, “…from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nat…
The Gathering Church in Moravian Falls, NC. CONTACT 'THE GATHERING' AT: E-Mail Address: Facebook:بقلم MSWTheGathering Church
Tracklist 01. Oscar Mbo & C-Blak - Fallin 02. Artwork Sounds & China Chameleon - That Name (Soulful Remix) 03. Deep Xcape & DJ Thobs - The Guest 04. Chymamusique & Da Vynalist - Praise Him (feat. Brian Temba) [Retro Tech] 05. Bee-Bar - Black Chyld (Just Bee Mix) 06. Buddynice - Me Before You (Chymamusique Remix) 07. Oscar Mbo & C-Blak - Buya Fanaa …
Summary: In this episode of Gathering The Kings, Chaz Wolfe is joined by Michael Pink, a king in real estate. Michael and Chaz discuss perspective and regret in business and the role each plays in success. In this episode, we'll explore the importance of being open to experience and following your specific interests. Michael shares his decades of e…
The Message from The Gathering Place, Aug. 7, 2022. Who are We and What Do We Do in Response to the Gospel? Col. 3: 12-17 12 Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. 13 Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against s…
Warning: Explicit Content How good are treasures in EDH? Blake and Guy talk about their thoughts on treasures impact on the EDH format and what are some ways that we can approach them in the future so they do not contribute to the power creep. #EDH #Commander #MagicTheGathering ——————————— How it Begins by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative…
这期我请到了zuzu和时计,来跟我聊聊我们对于自己人生中的生育的观点。这期是上,可能会有中和下!这期我们讲到了生育可能带来的对于自我探索的影响,对于自我空间消失的担心。child care有哪些可能性,childcare到底有多贵又能照顾到小孩多少时间。小朋友跟家长的能量能match到吗。如果没有match到,和小朋友一起探索世界也是一种可能性。对于跟我们有二三十岁代沟的小朋友,到底应该怎么面对。بقلم Ying
In today’s episode, you’ll hear us speaking more slowly, pausing longer, listening more closely. That’s because we wanted to approach the subject of slowing down, and we didn’t want to just talk about it. We wanted to do it. We invite you to join us as we float down the slow-moving river of conversation today. Notice as you listen what arises in yo…
Do you ever find yourself sitting down to work unsure of what to even focus on? There are so many things you could be doing and even feel like you should be doing, but you're just so overwhelmed with all the things.. And then you just head into first responder mode, putting out the most immediate fires first and never feeling like you're in control…
Hurt at the hands of people whom we have cared for and trusted can shred our hearts. Injustice and oppression can plant anger and even hatred in our souls. What is one to do with that kind of injustice. Psalm 109 provides some insight--painful as it is. Text: Psalm 109 Speaker: BWبقلم The Gathering at Broadway in Saskatoon
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