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Si estás leyendo esto es muy probable que te gusten las historias detrás de los proyectos culturales y las hazañas de quienes piensan, sueñan y viven por los libros. Cada capítulo es una nueva ruta del mapa que siempre termina en un libro. Editores, librerías, autoras y gestores culturales serán los guías de este viaje por el mundo editorial en español.
La Editorial Pontificia Universidad Javeriana es una unidad adscrita a la Vicerrectoría Académica que gestiona, coordina y divulga los proyectos editoriales de la Javeriana: libros de investigación, libros institucionales, revistas académicas y libros de texto.
Editorial Intelligence (ei) offers personalised navigation across the cultural, social, political and business spectrum, guiding you to smart people and smart ideas and delivering an astute snapshot of news and views through our acclaimed daily and fortnightly digests. Through our extensive eiNetwork comprising some of the sharpest, freshest minds shaping the world today; our unique Connecting For Success programme, teaching invaluable Knowledge Networking skills and techniques for effective ...
From Cam TaitMy love of listening to voices, sound effects and music goes back to my teenage days. Radio personality Bob Comfort did a piece on 630 CHED called Posters for Your Mind, combining his voice telling a story and then, very cleverly, picking a current piece of music to drive home the point.It made an impeccable impact.And, it inspired me to, maybe, make a profession as a radio producer.Back in the early 1970s, though, technology was … well, a turntable, a cassette tape recorder and ...
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