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Novedades, Análisis y discusión sobre el torneo Club Soccer Dads. Directamente desde Puerto Rico. CSD es una liga master de fútbol con cede en San Juan Puerto Rico. Síguenos en nuestras redes Facebook - Instagram - clubsoccerdads Twitter - club_soccerdads
Tune in to learn more about what it means to be a 21st century Good Dad. Laugh and learn as you listen to soon-to-be dads, brand new dads, over-the-road dads, dads with twins, single parent dads, divorced dads, and many other real-life dads. Don’t expect perfection. Do expect to learn something new and/or be reassured about what you’re already doing. It’s all here on the Good Dads Podcast.
John and Drew chat about everything video games (Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation), TV, movies, sex, lawn care and whatever else they'd like. They talk Nintendo and gaming but also cover the topics that the family-friendly Nintendo podcasts can't talk about. They're never afraid of some straight-up, honest chat. They're the DADS that SCORE, so be sure to join them every Monday night to hear about monthly gaming competitions, special bounties, prizes for leaving reviews and more!
Two dads from Nashville that trade their kids' bottles for whiskey bottles after bedtime. They focus on blind tastings, side-by-sides, as well as interviews with the people behind the whiskey to determine the true review without bias on brand names and hype with a goal to make you #rethinkhowyoudrink.
A weekly parenting podcast by two Canadian dads who happen to be medical doctors. Dr. Stuart Harman is a Paediatric ER Doc from Ottawa, Ontario and Dr. David Hsu is a Family Physician from Toronto, Ontario. Join them as they discuss medical issues related to parenting and share stories about their own experiences as dads.
Dad's Kitchen

Dad's Kitchen

DK Productions

Making a great meal doesn't have to be so hard, even for dads. Join Chris and Phil as they figure out food, fatherhood, and everything in between. Dad's Kitchen drops new episodes weekly with fun and helpful content for dads learning to cook.
Our goal is to spread dad positivity to fathers everywhere. Modern dads face a lot of complex issues and don’t always get the support they need. We want to provide a healthy, uplifting podcast to dads who are looking for a little more, while also having insightful conversations and learning ourselves.
What do you get when you have three Dads together who act way more immature, have better toys and pay more attention to their inner-children than they do their own kids? You get the THREE GEEKY DADS!!! Tune in for all the sci-fi, comics, horror and pop culture talk but stay for the dad-jokes!!!
This podcast is a video game review podcast for dads by dads. We cover everything from the lack of time they have to actually play video games to what they actually CAN play in front of the kids. Our discussions will include what is going on in our lives, what games we are playing (or want to play), our opinion on what is safe for the living room and being awesome dads in the process of it all.
An honest podcast about what it really takes to be a good dad by two experienced fathers and me, a normal guy who’s recently started his own fatherhood and I literally have no idea what I'm doing. With the help of my two lifelong friends, that are fantastic dads themselves, we go into all the hilarious and gruesome truths of what it really takes to be the best dad you can be.
The Dope Black Dads Podcast is an adult-only podcast for all parents or adults preparing for parenthood. Lead by Marvyn Harrison with contributions from the Dope Black Dads leadership as well as a host of special guests from the world of healing, media, parenting, TV/film, music and beyond. We discuss everything from co-parenting, masculinity, the black experience all the way to our favourite Netflix show. Don't listen if you're expecting conversations about nappies!
A couple of Dads with life experience and comic savvy to tackle all kinds of subjects. Kids, we got 'em. Homes, we maintain them. Wives, check. Cars, yeah, we drive, we fix, we break them. Music, yeah, we're into music. Projects, we do them. Holidays, we celebrate them. Animals, of course, there's dogs, cats, fish, you name it. Tag along with us as we explore, tell stories and laugh about life's predicaments. What's your interest?
Welcome to Horror Dads, a Podcast delivered to you from 2 dads who love horror, and work to balance our love of horror with our family life. Join us and listen in as we discuss franchise favorites, movies we’ve never seen, movies we’ve seen 1,000 times, and desert island horror movies. We will also focus on discussing our favorite horror merchandise, the artists behind the work, and our discovery of new artists and work.
Startup Dads

Startup Dads

hx | hyperexponential

Hopelessly dedicated to both your business and your children? So is Amrit Santhirasenan, host of Startup Dads. As the CEO of a rapidly growing fin-tech startup and the father of a young daughter, Amrit is regularly taking lessons from one to apply to the other. Every week, he'll discuss these observations with business leaders and devoted parents, discovering their techniques to scale up both their business and children successfully.
Financial Dads

Financial Dads

Paul Fagan and Paul Becker

This podcast is for all the moms and dads out there who struggle with life’s topics as they are related to family and finances. Our hope is we can provide our thoughts, successes and mistakes and share them with all of you. Please check us out at:
The only social media I ever use: RSS Feed: Download (remind me to keep this up-to-date): Alternative download: Open the RSS Feed and search for mp3. Or message me on the Fediverse.
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Dad had some computer fuckups this episode, so we didn't cover everything we wanted. It was still fun. Download here (remind me to keep this up-to-date): Pic from: Mushoku Tensei Opening song from: Bubblegum Crisis Closing song from: Bubblegum Crisis Mew's 2021 list:…
An honest and hilarious podcast about becoming a dad by a normal guy who is at the start of his fatherhood and has no idea what he’s doing. After many months of pure sleeping bliss, Stephen’s daughter has decided staying awake is more fun. To help, this week the guys talk about sleep regression and what you can do about it.…
In this episode of the Dads Who Lift Podcast, Tyler and Josh talk about how important it is to invest in yourself. Don't let build other's dreams and forget about your own. If you don't look out for you, who will. You don't want to miss this knowledge filled episode. New episodes every Week. Make sure you LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and FOLLOW so you don’t mis…
Zeke turns 40 and we reflect. Also, Widow Jane sent us a bottle of Lucky Thirteen and Decadence to review. Shop and use the code DADSEASON for 20% off your order. ORCA: For All of Life’s Adventures. Get in on the action at use code DADS100 for Action 24/7 to match your first deposit up to $800…
**Use the code NINDADS at checkout to receive 20% plus free shipping at** **Use the code NINDADS at checkout to receive 15% with free shipping for orders over $50 at** On this week’s episode of the Nintendo Dads Podcast with guests Nick and Sean from Game Pass News: News Game Release Updates Let's Discuss Microsoft will purc…
On this episode of the Wehry Dads podcast, Coach and PJ discuss their theme for the year, Build to Last, and what kind of challenges building generational values, knowledge, and wealth brings. For daily motivational videos, check out the Wehry Dads YouTube Channel 👉 Or check out our blog at www.c…
Sick beats Tech tips Hear Johnny **Pitch** an idea to Joel and Tony to keep us entertained during the lockout A Google How To first Johnny teases the number of the day and never delivers Tony is the Limerick King We quickly review the last couple months of personnel moves, Johnny doesn't remember a lot. Tony gets us hyped for our own Rural Juror, M…
We discuss personal finance facts everyone should know but we rarely learn in High School or College. Also how Katelyn is killing it in the world of sports photography. Her photograph of Russell Westbrook of the Lakers dunking has been seen throughout the world one day later. Well done Katelyn! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest…
“You build much better relationships with people if you’re able to show a bit of vulnerability” . Proud to make a positive difference to the world we live in, Ruth Handcock is passionate about reducing the stress that people feel managing their finances by harnessing technology to improve access to financial services and financial advice. In today’…
Kirby turns 30 years old and Nintendo is celebrating with Kirby and the Forgotten Land--and it looks sweet! Could this "Super Mario Odyssey 2" be the best Kirby game of all time? Also, John & Drew make their 2022 predictions. Will we see Fire Emblem? Is a Cloud Pass on the way...again?!Oh, and what's the record for sex acts in 12 hours? Yeah.--- Se…
It is the aftermath of the standoff with Brinque and the mine may still hold secrets. With their confidence shaken, can the group bring themselves to finish this dirty business? Dad References: Alfred, Lord Tennyson - In Memoriam A. H. H. OBIIT MDCCCXXXIII: [Prelude] The 1990s ice pick murder movie Tom Petty and Heartbreakers' - Breakdown Check us …
(Trigger Warning) In the second episode in our series on dealing with grief and loss, we sit down with Brandon Cleverly. Brandon and his wife lost their son Evan fairly late in the pregnancy. Hear Brandon's message of hope, of positivity, and invitation for service, all for his son, Evan.بقلم Just Some Dads
Say Hello and Welcome to our second guest - Dane aka Jean! We are happy to have him on the show and discuss his anime life and small details that are not anime-related, like him being Chest's brother! We hope you enjoy this week's episode and come back for an exciting new start next week with a brand new show! (Disclaimer: We are not a spoiler-free…
What category would you say your kids fall into: biblical scholar, moderate Christian, or secular? Chances are they fall into secular. Surprised? Why? If we are sending our kids to Caesar for education, we shouldn't be surprised when they come home acting and thinking like Romans. In this episode, Dave and Dante discuss the importance of understand…
First Impressions! Important? Not enough information? Exploitable? James & Sanchez talk their thoughts on First Impressions and also recent plays of El Grande, Kremlin, Shobu, and more. And 2 upcoming Dads on a Map convention announcements! (3:15) DoaMcoN 2022 and DoaMcoN Jr! (11:00) Sanchez makes a trade! (20:00) El Grande (24:40) Shobu (27:39) Vi…
Neuro-Linguistic Programming Most of us communicate in only one form of communication. Some are blessed to communicate in more than one, most without being aware of this. In order to truly connect and establish rapport with others we have to communicate with them in their primary form of communication. Visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and auditory di…
In today’s episode, let's dive deep into the mindsets of renowned entrepreneur Dan Sullivan and organizational psychologist Ben Hardy in their bestselling book, Who Not How. This is a great read for other physicians and other high-achievers. Having the right "Whos" in your "Hows" will allow you to have more time and will make you more money. You ha…
John and Jamie ring in a new episode by covering the Top-10 Horror phone calls you would never want to receive. Tune in as the Horror Dads explore the terror we all felt when we heard the phone ring in our parent’s kitchen as kids after watching the most terrifying scenes involving the phone.
Did you forget about us? We hope not as the cold winter has hit our souls but we've been really busy staring at our bikes. Alix, Steve, Paul and Ian are back in the garage talking about how to successfully winterize your bike. We discuss what are the correct steps to do and how to avoid costly errors when the Earth thaws and you fire up your bike i…
In this episode, Marvyn and Adam sit down to discuss the important experiences of Black fatherhood that we shouldn't take for granted. Adam goes on to share how Temple Wellness and self-reflection can help you live a motivated life with your family. Dope Black Dads is a place where we are changing the narrative and having progressive conversations …
2 mates, Niall & Miki, discussing the day to day struggles in life, from a Man's point of view. This week the boys discuss Covid 19, Niall has tested positive for Covid. Is it Omicron? How is he feeling and how has it affected his life? Miki also does a live antibody covid test. Hope you enjoy..بقلم Michael York
Thank you all for being a part of this first season of Fatherhood and Football. I can't thank my guests and listeners throughout NINE countries enough for all of your support. I and Calvin Hargrove will be shifting to a live, hour long session of our breakdown and crack ups of the NFL playoffs starting the week of January 9th. Please make sure to c…
Join the Paranormal Dads as they discuss recent sightings, pop culture and the paranormal, and Andy's new book!!! Please purchase, The Sky Dairies: A True Story of Reincarnation, via Amazon ON January 11th". Video Teaser of The Sky Dairies book Thank you for listening! Follow Paranormal Dads On Social Media! RATE - REVIEW - SUBSCRIBE - SHARE Instag…
Have a MARVELous New Year, everybody! We here at Three Geeky Dads have finally all gotten caught up on all the Marvel goodness that we've been given recently. Here now, are our thoughts on the Disney+ series, Hawkeye and the third movie from the Sony/MCU collaboration, Spider-man: No Way Home!!!بقلم Three Geeky Dads
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