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We're popping in for an episode we recorded way back in December 2021 to talk about Journey Back to Christmas! We're discussing time travelling shed logistics, pondering what crime our protagonist could possibly be accused of, and saying the word gazebo more times than we ever thought possible.بقلم Christmas Movies Unwrapped
We're discussing our first movie of the 2021 Christmas season - The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star! Naomi tries to work out where Montenaro sits on the map of Europe with the latest installment's set of clues and Hannah reminisces about renting Entrapment on video cassette.بقلم Christmas Movies Unwrapped
It's here - we're finally talking about the highly anticipated Happiest Season! Joined by special guest Jen, we discuss all our complicated feelings about this film, get into the who Abbey should have ended up with debate and wish for Aubrey Plaza to teach classes on how to flirt with women.بقلم Christmas Movies Unwrapped
We're discussing the much anticipated sequel to one of Naomi's favourite Christmas movies, The Princess Switch: Switched Again! We are as predictable as ever - Naomi gets into the weeds of how these monarchies function and Hannah manages to drop in references to both The X-Files and Once Upon A Time. Let us know if you're Team Hannah or Team Naomi …
Who doesn't love Dolly Parton? We're finally discussing one of our most anticipated of 2019's movies, Christmas at Dollywood! Hannah introduces a strike system and apologises for being too bossy. Naomi gushes about how wonderful Dolly Parton is and learns about funnel cake.بقلم Christmas Movies Unwrapped
We're discussing one of Hallmark's takes on the works of Jane Austen - Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe! Hannah has plenty to say about terrible restaurant names and free child labour, while Naomi pokes holes in this adaptation attempt. Will we ever get to see Emma and Eggnog?بقلم Christmas Movies Unwrapped
We're back with an episode we recorded way back in January before the world stopped! Hannah and Naomi tackle A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby. Hannah has a much better theory of who stole that treaty and Naomi has been doing a thorough examination of maps of Europe. Are you daddy ready?
In Episode 5, we discuss A Wish for Christmas starring one of Hallmark’s Queens of Christmas Lacey Chabert. Naomi makes her case as to why this movie is surprisingly feminist and Hannah reveals a shocking truth about her history with teen classic Mean Girls. Also, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve done with your boss?…
In our latest episode, we discuss Holiday in Handcuffs starring 90s legends Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez. Hannah has strong thoughts on Christmas tree angel choices and Naomi thinks it might be time to update her dating profile. Also, could this film secretly be a Harry Potter prequel about the early life of Dolores Umbridge?…
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