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In the inaugural episode of Cosmos, Quickly, we blast off with Lt. Gen. Nina Armagno of the Space Force, who is charged with protecting our space in space, particularly from Russia and China.بقلم Lee Billings,Clara Moskowitz,Jeffery DelViscio
Hosts Josh Fischman and Tanya Lewis explore the pandemic’s mental health toll on teens and young adults. They also delve into the effectiveness of telehealth, which has been booming since the start of the pandemic.بقلم Josh Fischman,Tanya Lewis,Tulika Bose
In this episode of the COVID, Quickly podcast, we talk about why we’ve had years shaved off our average collective life since 2020. Also, we talk about “mabs” and why you might want to know what they are.بقلم Josh Fischman,Tanya Lewis,Jeffery DelViscio
This is our second back-to-school special episode of COVID. Quickly . Today we talk about two big issues: the low vaccination rates among the littlest kids and how long you should quarantine after being sick (actually).بقلم Josh Fischman,Tanya Lewis,Jeffery DelViscio,Tulika Bose
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