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The weekly boozecast where we try and discuss all the various pre-packaged alcoholic drinks you have seen popping up at your local beverage outlet. We discuss the pros, the cons, and everything in between. Mixing in some opinionated reviews of society, pop culture, and beverages, no one is safe from the scrutinizing eyes of the Boozecast! Join Matt and Kenny for some weekly fun!
For booze lovers looking for quick beverage news updates and a mildly entertaining host to share them. Three news stories, focusing on craft, drop weekday mornings at 7 am ET. Brought to you and hosted by The Real Voice - Mel Allen, voice overs at Leave comments and feedback at Support this podcast:
Booze & Buffy

Booze & Buffy

Booze & Buffy

Harrison and Jason are discussing every episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel". Spoiler-free and maybe just a little tipsy. Join us as we talk Buffy, booze, and the 90s. Twitter and Instagram: @boozeandbuffy Email:
Brews, Booze, & Reviews is a childish podcast about adult beverages. We are just your average joes who are just like your neighbors (the good ones), who like to drink alcoholic beverages of ALL kinds. Slightly educational and kinda amusing, we sample and review brews and booze for your edu-tainment. #brewsboozeandreviews May your glasses be full, and your spirits high! CHEERS!
Blockchain And Booze

Blockchain And Booze

Evergreen Podcasts | Industry Pods

Blockchain & Booze is a fun and relaxed weekly digital meetup hosted by Blockchain Venture Studio Draper Goren Holm & LA Blockchain Summit. Each week we cover a different topic and invite thought leaders in the subject matter for an open mic discussion and of course to have a few drinks with us.
Welcome to my beautiful disaster! In vino veritas! In my case, there is truth in the Tito's! They say a drunk woman's words are a sober woman's thoughts, so welcome to the inner workings of a very unique brain. Listen in and connect the dots with me! Ready, aim, laughter! Disclaimer: Not responsible for hurt feelings, temper tantrums or hysterical overreactions to podcast content.
Every Friday at 3.20pm, Sean is joined in studio by our movie reviewer and booze expert to discuss the latest cinema releases and a selection of beer or wine. Each week in a relaxed and casual environment the three chat about movies over some beer or wine just like being in a pub or at a dinner party! Listen and subscribe to Movies and Booze on Moncrieff on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Download, listen and subscribe on the Newstalk App. You can also listen to Newstalk live on or ...
As a former Army chaplain who developed a toxic relationship with alcohol after leaving the military, I stayed on a solo rollercoaster of rock bottoms, recoveries and relapses. Finally, in the winter of 2022, I found my way out of the cycle by connecting with people like you. I started this podcast as a way to keep myself accountable and to help others who are in early sobriety. The not-so-secret solution to staying sober is connection, so let's break up with booze together!
A biweekly podcast for readers, by authors. Each episode, Lindsey Sparks and Lindsey Pogue chat about either a book-to-screen adaptation or a popular BookTok book, discuss their latest reads and overflowing TBR lists, and talk about what they're working on right now, usually with a cocktail or glass of wine in hand. Spoilers and tangents are welcome. And swearing. ;)
Kris Hopper (@HoppBFF) and Dan Thury (@ThuryBFF) are two tortured sports fans with a taste for beer and whiskey. Their friends got tired of listening to them talk football and review drinks at the bar, so they made a podcast out of it instead. Catch us weekly for all the latest around the NFL and sports world, fantasy/betting advice, draft analysis, and much more all while relaxing and enjoying a drink of whatever we see fit. (Formerly Beer Fueled Fantasy Football)
A Ghanaian podcast platform that connects African Media Voices with fans through the power of shared experiences and stories telling. It provides a unique insight into the lives of African Media Voices and the conversation and brings fans closer than ever to the people they love. The discussions on this show are mostly influenced by alcohol.
Former NBA teammates (and current best friends) Carlos Boozer and Nate Robinson are teaming up for a brand-new podcast called HOLDAT, which analyzes the league from a player’s perspective both on and off the floor. Boozer (a two-time All-Star) and Robinson (a former Slam Dunk Contest winner) played more than 23 years combined in the NBA and dish priceless stories from their time in the league, ranging from on-the-court confrontations to card games on the team plane. With a unique angle on th ...
DARKNESS CONSUMES US: When we're not talking HipHop on The Cheats Movement were listening to every type of music possible and talking $#!t about it. Listen with an open mind (the grooves are heavy)and understand that only 15% of this podcast is jokes, we really believe what we say & we just might hate everything...we don't know.
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Happy Fall, Sober Family, and huge thanks to all of you who joined the IKAGB community over the past few months during Season 2... Normally I have Owl by my side in the studio at home, but I’m recording this trailer for Season 3 just outside Jacksonville, Florida — I’m spending the bulk of October here training with my new PTSD service dog, Spruce,…
Welcome back to another episode of Snooze & Booze! Currently at 224, we got another heater on deck. We welcome back Elliot for part 2 of the wonderful world of the virtues of laziness. So if you're into not doing shit and have someone else pick up the tab, then this bud's for you! Enjoy!
Ben Smith got some forced downtime on September 11th, 2022. Listen in to this podcast as Ben explains what happened on that Sunday afternoon. Some will believe. Some won’t. Either way, Ben is definitely one of the coolest upcyclers around. Check out his TikTok to see what he does for a living! Here’s to his swift recovery — cheers! Produced By: Fad…
It's Ben..... a year since we started this whole thing and it's been quite the journey. We are taking a break from themes to celebrate with our own recommendations for one another. For this episode, Rae's pick was her favorite horror movie, 1992 Dead Alive (Brain Dead) by Peter Jackson. Have you ever gag laughed? If not, you will. Ween's selection …
“A falling knife has no handle” is a saying that is well known here at Falling Knife Brewing in Minneapolis, where they are "willing to take a risk and get what we want. Even if it means we take a few cuts along the way." Excellent point, and even better beer! The BBR crew sit down with Drew from Falling Knife to chat about the brewery and the cult…
Welcome to season 4 of Books Broads and Booze! As this season continues on our theme of books to movies, Monica and I picked The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. The author is a native of the Mitten state, hoorah! Monica and I talk about our complicated feelings of the book along with the movie released in 2009.As always, drink responsib…
Bestselling fantasy authors Lindsey Sparks and Lindsey Pogue discuss popular regency romance The Duke and I by Julia Quinn the insanely popular Netflix adaptation, Bridgerton. WARNING: This episode contains ALL the spoilers about The Duke and I and Bridgerton. BOOK RECS! A Fistful of Charms by Kim Harrison Beach Read by Emily Henry Chill and Prospe…
Roberto Lares got his first barbacking gig after he finished a night of playing trumpet in his jazz band and then offered to help the venue since they were down a person at the bar. Now he's mixing drinks at Houston favorite, Johnny's Gold Brick, making playlists, exploring his love of whiskey, and still loving jazz. He also gave us a 19 hour playl…
We come to the end of another two seasons, but before we go on a brief hiatus join us as we take a look back on Buffy S5 and Angel S2! Twitter, IG, & FB: @boozeandbuffy Email: Direct Relief: Art Credit: Mark David Corley Music Credit: Grace Robertsonبقلم Booze & Buffy
Welcome to the RB2 Speakeasy! Your host Jay and a guest, whether it be another host or a Reel Bro Fan, review TV shows that you should watch. The second episode we review She Hulk Attorney at Law. Should this show be brought to trial or dismissed? Tune in to find out. Support the showبقلم Jay with Reel Bro Kevin
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