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أفضل Anthropology ملفات بودكاست يمكننا العثور عليها
أفضل Anthropology ملفات بودكاست يمكننا العثور عليها
تغطي بودكاست الأنثروبولوجيا هذه كل شيء بدءًا من الجيولوجيا والتنوع البيولوجي والمعرفة غير الشائعة عن البشر والثقافة والتاريخ وإمكانات البشرية والمزيد and - لذا استكشف هذه المدونات الصوتية في وقت فراغك ولن تشعر بخيبة أمل!

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Author were born on December 5, 2002, in the north of Basra. He started writing the book "What is behind the start" when he was 18 years old In it, in which he explains the subject of the origin of the universe with a mixture of philosophy and physics. He studied logic, induction, and morphology at the Scientific Institute for Philosophical Studies, studied physics and scientific derivatives at the academic school, began writing digital content, and presented programs and lectures on philoso ...
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Knowledge in Logic - Mohammad Albaaj العلم في المنطق - محمد البعاج We said: God Almighty created man with an instinctive mind, ready to acquire knowledge, with what he was given of the rational and thinking power that distinguishes him from the foreign women. There is nothing wrong with explaining the locus of this distinction from the divisions of…
Albaaj Logic Book/Arabic - البعاح كتاب المنطق عربيPublished: Jun 29 2021The early Arabs logically took care of philosophy, science, and other arts, but considered it a machine that should be obtained from Ram to study philosophy and delve deeper into their investigations. They first weaved along the lines of Aristotle and the Greeks, but later they…
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