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The Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 saw the British Empire at the height of its power facing a small band of highly mobile Boers in South Africa. The war introduced the world to the concentration camp and is regarded as the first war of the modern era where magazine rifles, trenches and machine guns were deployed extensively. British losses topped 28 000 in a conflict that was supposed to take a few weeks but lasted three years.
Do the Anglo-Saxons still have relevance? Do they really matter? I’d like to posit that they do, and in this podcast, we'll be hearing directly from the Anglo-Saxons themselves in order to better understand who these people were and how they viewed the world around them. Join me, as we read from Bede's Ecclesiastical History, Alfred's Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Beowulf, and more.
Anglo Files

Anglo Files

LaunchPod 2019

Anglo Files is a podcast that takes a look at the weird and wonderful events and traditions that take place across the UK, and see how the history of the country have shaped them. I, Jack Claramunt, will meet the people that ensure these affairs are embedded in today’s British culture and see how the UK cherish and enjoy these quirky customs. Anglo Files was one of the three finalists for LaunchPod 2019, the UK’s first podcast competition. See for privacy and opt-out inform ...
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Rob and Sharon sittin' in a tree, C-A-T-A-S-TRO-PHE. First comes fling, then comes baby, then comes the best marriage on TV... maybe. Join the gals as they contemplate what constitutes true romance, the pros and cons of finding love later in life, and how Chris Noth makes the perfect dirtbag (note: this episode was recorded before the assault alleg…
Kaley and Steff are in an appropriately silly mood (though not in an appropriately articulate mental state... thanks, COVID) as they discuss the classic sketch collaboration of two national treasures, A Bit of Fry & Laurie. Also, Steff argues for the trendiness of a certain sexual activity, and Kaley retracts a 3-year-old statement about wigs.…
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