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أفضل Anglican ملفات بودكاست يمكننا العثور عليها
أفضل Anglican ملفات بودكاست يمكننا العثور عليها
ستستمتع بالمناقشات حول الإيمان والثقافة ، والمقابلات مع المؤلفين المسيحيين ، والكهنة ، والأساقفة ، والفلاسفة وغيرهم ، من خلال البودكاست المنير الذي سيبقيك أيضًا مستمتعًا تمامًا.

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AnglicanTV Ministries, Inc is a "501c3" non-profit organization, incorporated on February 5, 2008. AnglicanTV started as a personal ministry of Kevin Kallsen. Then, toward the end of 2007, Kevin sought out like-minded individuals and formed a Board of Directors, which eventually lead to incorporation and non-profit status. The Mission of AnglicanTV Ministries is, "To provide news and commentary important to the 77 million Anglican Christians worldwide; to educate and train church laypersons ...
Weekly Sermons from St. Aidan's Anglican Church. Our Sunday gatherings are in the beautiful sanctuary of the Nazarene Theological Seminary, 1700 E. Meyer Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64131 . ACNA (Anglican Church of North America. We are in the Anglican Diocese of the Upper Midwest). Visit us in person and check out our website at
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As we begin the new year, Fr. Alex Farmer encourages us to examine those places in our lives where we could be more attentive to the voice of the Lord through practices designed to help us hear Him.If you like what you see, we hope you'll learn more about us:…
In Hebrews 12, we are given five descriptions of the members of God’s church. All turn, as we dig into God’s word, on something God has done for these people, and nothing depends on what they have contributed. It all turns on the mercy and love of God that moves him to intervene in the lives of dead people (us, because of our sins!) to make them li…
Sermon & Small Group Resources This is the third sermon in our series on the Priorities of Jesus. This sermon is ‘COMMANDMENT: Love God and Neighbour’. Preacher: The Rev’d Michael Calder. Bible Reading: Mark 12:28-34 DOWNLOAD the Small Group Questions, Going Deeper, and Sermon Transcript (PDF). Next Steps this Week BIBLE READING: Mark 12:28-34 One …
Adoration of the Magi, Domenico Ghirlandaio (1488) Christmas 2 Rev. Doug Floyd Psalm 84, Jeremiah 31:7-14, Ephesians 1:3-14, Matthew 2:1-12 There’s a tradition regarding Nativities that I remember from my childhood. The Wise Men figures would move around during the month of December, getting closer to the manger in the Nativity on Epiphany. Did any…
Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan River. Why was this? How does it connect to John’s ministry of baptism? What does it reveal about God’s actions in Jesus towards us who are sinners? Father Jeremiah reflects on these things in his sermon from Baptism of Our Lord Sunday. Image: Christ’s Baptism (San Marco), from the Cathedral of S…
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