#141 - Dr. David Perlmutter: Drop Uric Acid, The Cause Of Metabolic Syndrome, Salt & Obesity, Alcohol, Purines & Gout, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Endogenous Fructose Production, High Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure, And More!


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11:45 - Why Does Fructose Threaten Our Health?

13:50 - Can We Evolve Out Of The Obesity Signaling Pathway From Fructose?

20:20 - Triggering The Pathway

21:20 - Orange Juice

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23:55 - The Historical Consumption Of Fructose

25:45 - Depletion Of Energy In The Cell By Fructose Metabolism

30:15 - AMPD

34:05 - Neurological Effects Of High Uric Acid

36:00 - Uric Acid's Role As An Independent Risk Factor In Mortality

40:50 - Does Metabolic Syndrome Come With High Uric Acid Exclusively

41:40 - Purines

46:00 - Checking Uric Acid

47:20 - "Normal Levels"

48:30 - Recommended Sugar Consumption Per Day

52:00 - Allopurinol

54:45 - Does Ketosis Create Uric Acid?

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1:00:10 - Cycling Keto

1:03:30 - Healthy Mitochondria

1:06:00 - Gender And Uric Acid

1:09:20 - Endogenous Fructose Production

1:11:15 - Why Is The Body Making Fat If It Feels Its Dehydrated?

1:13:30 - The Evolution Of Storing Fat For Metabolic Water

1:15:00 - Sodium In The Diet

1:16:15 - Drugs That Elevate Uric Acid

1:17:40 - Quercetin Daily

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