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Masiel Encarnación

Masiel is an online weight loss coach and the founder of The ConFITence Blueprint. Massi helps women with on the go work schedules stop the restrictive dieting and get sustainable results. Get ready for some real talk and the tools to make a healthy lifestyle change!
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Is your internal alarm clock all messed up? With the quarantine, can't fall asleep until 2 or 3 am every night? Or the reverse = up working since 3 am? Having hella anxiety due to the Global Pandemic? If yes, you're 100% normal! Your brain is doing its job as an alert system. But there's another level to it where your anxiety may be going into over…
Have you been struggling with managing your goals with the unexpected work challenges due to COVID? Need to manage your stress in order to alleviate under-eating, overeating or emotional eating? If yes, this episode is for you! Want to increase awareness, promote change and growth and further develop your sense of self? Join Kristin’s free 30-Day J…
Kristin Winchester is the founder of HerTherapySpace and discusses the roots of our emotional eating and how to overcome it. We gave tips on how women can prioritize their mental health and the #1 tactical practice you can start today. She received her Master’s degree from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and specializes in Entrepreneu…
Brittney Scott breaks down how to Stop Self-Sabotage. Want to quiet that negative voice in your head? Of course, you do! Brittney Scott licensed therapist and the owner of UnShattered Counseling Services reveals the techniques to help women when they start to get down on themselves for slipping up with eating or missing a workout. Brittney is train…
If you’re struggling with consistency (and seeing results) it may be because you’re trying to make too many changes at once (otherwise known as doing the MOST.🤣 ) This can make you feel overwhelmed, impatient and make you want to give up. To begin making positive lifestyle changes that’ll help you lose weight for good, I encourage you to start with…
The 3 Steps on how to not let your depression, emotions and/ot tiredness get in the way of your fitness journey: 1) Get Yourself a Therapist ASAP2) Practice Self-Awareness by Defining What Season of Life You’re in3) Protect Your Time and Energy
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